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I have not been browsing much for “alternative” therapies for MS lately (for that matter I haven’t really even looked at conventional therapies, or anything MS). I feel compelled to write about this due to the unique approach that I have not seen anywhere else. I haven’t read through the entire post, but the gist was that he stopped, and reversed, Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (I was not familiar with CPMS as a type, and had to go look it up) through the proper regulation of intestinal organisms. On a plus side probiotics appear to be a lot cheaper than glyconutrients (though I have not priced the later recently). On the negative side, the thought of eating something living (I keep thinking worms) makes me queasy (though mold on my bread doesn’t bother me, so go figure); though I would take this before taking bee-venom therapy! I guess one more treatment that I will not be taking, though at least it is in my price range!

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  1. Where’s Erik been? I know it has been a while, but life has been pretty busy. A nice vacation to northern Michigan to see family, but was warmer than I would have liked – though it beats the heck out of the 106°+ (47.1° Celsius) days we have been seeing in Texas (AC don’t fail me now!)! A nice “little” exacerbation with fatigue, slurred speech (that’s a new one), and burning in the arm. I am starting to come out of that now. And finally, busy herding the three kids. 😉

  2. I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind is how did Erik find this site, so here is the quick rundown on my surfing expedition:
    1. Digg Article. Yeah Digg is where I waste a lot of my time! 😉
    2. New Scientist Space – Mini solar system could reveal hidden dimensions. You know this was some good reading, when done I decided to revisit a page I had seen before that was linked in the article.
    3. New Scientist – 13 things that do not make sense. I enjoyed the article, and read all of it this time. I of course like the first one! 😉 The one that really caught my eye was number “4 Belfast homeopathy results.” Since I really had no idea what homeopathy is.
    4. Wikipedia – Homeopath. The joys of wikipedia! Of course this provided absolutely no help so refine topic.
    5. Wikipedia – Homeopathy. OK, I now understand homeopathy, but it certainly sounds like the ultimate in quackery. On the other hand why is the scientist having trouble disproving their claims?! OK, so now I want to see what’s out there for Homeopathy and Multiple Sclerosis
    6. Google – “Homeopathy “Multiple Sclerosis””. And the first link is the one I will go to
    7. Does homeopathy really help cure MS.(Multiple Sclerosis ). Yeah, blah…blah…blah and on to the comments where I find one pointing to David’s site. Though his site is definitely not homeopathic, but whatever
    8. Reversal of Multiple Sclerosis. The final site for the post. 😉 It is becoming clear how I can get sucked into a long Internet surfing experience from one Digg article. Maybe Digg is ruining my life, and that is why I haven’t been writing!

  3. I have pretty much completely neglected the blog. I am working on the backlog of comments.

  4. You have to remember that your gut is FULL of flora and fauna. Every time you take an antibiotic, it kills MILLIONS of em and their assistance for your digestion is abruptly halted. Then you get the runs. Nice, eh?

  5. mdmhvonpa,
    The joys of antibiotics – though I think I have the anitbiotic resistant stuff now since I rarely get sick from antibiotics. 😉

    I don’t doubt that the probiotics restore normal balance; whatever that means and is. I do question whether is would help your health that much.

  6. Probiotics are so helpful to ANYONE who has EVER taken antibiotics. These are NOT worms 🙂 However, there are MOST LIKELY worms already inside of you and the more aggressively you work on digestive “flora” the more likely you are to see them COME OUT of you (I speak from experience! — totally amazing — and absolutley frightening and disgustin!)

    Probiotics are bacterial but GOOD bacteria.

    You CAN find good ones in health food stores but this is definitely a case where the more expensive ones are LIKELY to be the better (no guarantee of course). Ask around to see if the company of the probiotics are reputable in other areas of health and if they have been around a while.

    People with chronic yeast infections need probiotics more than anyone. And they need them for a while even after symptoms are gone. (Yeast was a big culprit of my own health problems.)

  7. Stacy,
    Thanks for the great mental image! Maybe it is better for the worm(s) to stay in as opposed to seeing it/them come out. 😉

  8. Probiotics have actually been shown (in real experiments by real scientists) to help Crohn’s disease. The part of the immune system that is activated in MS and Crohn’s is the same (in talks I heard by Peter Mannon and Lawrence Steinman). So maybe it would help with MS. Glyconutrients is literally a sugar pill sold in a pyramid scheme by psuedoscientist (who I’m sure are making lots of money; http://bethalyson.blogspot.com/2006/04/glyconutrients-by-mannatech-snake-oil.html).

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