May 052006

When the health insurance works it works great, but when it fails it fails miserably. I was reviewing my EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) yesterday, and I came across the one indicating that I owe SW Medical Center about $248 for my last visit to the MS Clinic. Apparently, the new doctor I am seeing is not on my insurance plan, and my plan doesn’t pay for out of network care. This certainly came as a surprise since my last doctor at the MS clinic was covered. I am heavily irritated at the MS clinic right now that they did not check this. On the other hand I am also irritated at myself for not thinking to check in advance. On a plus side there is money still left in the health care flexible spending account; which mentally always seems like free money – which is good because otherwise that bill would be a pretty bitter pill!

  3 Responses to “#$!@$ Insurance!”

  1. now that is just WRONG.

  2. i used all my flex spending by march. i will have to increase it next year.

  3. The insurance is awful. As far as the flex spending account we increase it every year, I am nervous about spending it all, and then it is all gone by about mid-year.

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