Apr 202006

Well, it would seem that there is now another data point that my body can’t figure out the Provigil! Yesterday, being very tired I took the full 200mg, and it still didn’t make much of a dent in the fatigue; that was until about 10:00pm. At a little after midnight I popped a Benadryl to try to get some sleep (I feel like Elvis – pills to stay awake and pills to go to bed, I’m so glad that had a happy ending for him), and then right before I made it to sleep (2:30am) the thunderstorm had the kids up and in our room. Needless to say there was another Provigil today to help me make it somewhat through the day – where is the Benadryl now that it is bedtime?

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  1. Your body is a playground for the FDA.

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