Apr 262006

I got a link, via email, from Derrick Parkhurst on the new I Prize program for computer assistive devices. I was definitely thankful for the email because I don’t think I would normally have found the program. Devices to aid in computer interaction is certainly a topic I like to keep an eye on; especially after the diagnosis exacerbation where it was exceptionally difficult to use the computer. By the Lord’s grace I now have 95% of my hand sensation and 100% of my motor control. Certainly the day may come when I will need an device to assist with my computer interactions, and it is nice to have people working on the problem!

  2 Responses to “The I Prize”

  1. Erik,
    What sort of problem were you having with your hand? My husband who has MS has recently been having these feelings with his hands that he doesn’t want anything to touch it, it gives him as he calls it “the eebee jeebees”. It didn’t prevent him from doing things but it wasn’t real comfortable…

  2. I don’t recall having a problem anywhere with the MS that I would describe as the “eebee jeebees.” My hands were almost a total loss of motor control and sensation; extending up my wrist. Hope that helps, and I hope he gets better!

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