Apr 192006

or that was about the level of revelation from this trip to the Dallas Multiple Sclerosis Clinic. I had been postponing going, but decided that I should go and meet my new assigned doctor (since the other doctor left). I suppose the alck of revelation is mostly my fault since inquiring about new advances in Multiple Sclerosis treatment isn’t real high on my priority list. Maybe this is just a sign of advancing on with the disease, and now I am in the apathetic stage. The apathetic state was certainly evident in this year’s MS Walk where I failed to solicit money from anyone. In fact without Eriksgirl’s prodding I would definitely have skipped this walk.

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  1. MY GOD! Not only do you have MS … You still are a male and … EGADS! Your wife is still pregnant!!! Oh, that’ll be a 125$ copay … thnx.

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