Apr 042006

Of all the symptoms that fatigue is definitely the second worst (losing hand control was worse). Of course the fatigue seems to try and make up for being second by coming consistently. I’ve resumed the Provigil despite my former issues. With a little trial and error I think I have worked out a decent solution. I have to stick with the 100mg, and I cannot take it on consecutive days. The consecutive days is certainly a hassle, but it seems to build in the system resulting in excessive angst. I guess a nice reminder to treasure the first 4 hours of the day! Of course I’m not much of a morning person so I guess no bonus there! 😉

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  2 Responses to “Fatigue Redux!”

  1. A little trick I learned from my kids … if I keep moving, I don’t know that I’m exhausted. DONT SIT DOWN!!! You’ll be dooooomed!

  2. I dislike the constant urge to pee…because sometimes I am stub born and I ignore it.

    Then I pee myself.

    Stub born girl.

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