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Amazing that knowing you have Multiple Sclerosis can do to alter someone’s perception of you: As a bit of background I have known this lady for about 6 months; she knows I have MS, but she has never seen me in a relapse with visible symptoms. She was stuck the other day with a manual labor problem that she had no idea how to handle (I’ll spare the details). Being the resident male on the scene (I know gender roles!) I assumed that I was the obvious candidate to handle this for her. I went to getting the stuff I needed, and my wife made it clear that I would handle the task. She replied to my wife with something to the effect of: is his health OK? In no way was there any visible problems, and in no way was I going to have any difficulty completing this task. Maybe I am fortunate that this is the first time that I have been written off because of the MS, but it certainly left me with a bad taste in my mouth!

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  1. I’ll add that Eriksgirl tried to provide a positive spin. She said that it is possible that she was concerned that the heat might be an issue. Since it was a beautiful 70 degree day, and I didn’t even break a sweat, I strongly doubt that.

  2. It doesn’t change how you felt sweetheart, but I think she was just looking out for you, and did not know the best way to do it.


  3. Erik, your ‘girl’ seems very wise 🙂 I’m sure it was more tacky than spiteful. Of course, I wasn’t there and probably would have been ticked off, too!

    Look at what I was emailed today. Click the “sugar” link and you’ll see a reference to ms. Just thought it MIGHT pique your interest.

    REALLY GOOD to see you back!

    w w w dot griffith dot edu dot au / research /


  4. You know, I can split a forest of wood in the fall and winter with nothing but an axe and a heap of gumption, but once the heat gets above 70, I’m a puddle of useless. It’s happened at some very inopportune times to boot. Usually in public. Urgh.

  5. Fortunately, with a prego wife there is always the sanctuary of the 45 degree house. I think we are the only family who was running the AC during the middle of the winter!

  6. Ummm yeah… cold in our house??? I don’t think so. It’s barely tolerable. Sure the kids look a little bit blue around the lips, and you walk around in a parka… wimps, I say, wimps!!!



  7. Brandy, Your my kinda woman! It’s just right when you need to break a hole in the ice … to use the toilet.

  8. EXACTLY!!!

    Yesterday after Erik took his injection he threw the cold pack on me, and I thanked him! LOL!

  9. To clarify I only threw the ice pack on Eriksgirls back after I had brushed her with it (maybe a little bit of baiting) and she said that felt good. Normally (non-prego) it would not have felt good and throwing an ice pack on her would result in imminent death via Widowmaker (the world’s largest frying pan!).

  10. Erik…

    Sometimes it just really ticks me off when people think my MS is the causes of everything wrong in my life. Sometimes people are just clutzy too, you know.


    At least that’s how I see it.

    I mean, doesn’t everyone fall down when they walk?


    Seriously though, I hate it when people I know single me out. It makes me feel weird and different.

  11. I just found this blog. Subscribed! I have an MS blog, too. I was diagnosed a couple months ago, and it seems like everyone is writing me off. I can identify with your post. Good to “meet” you.

  12. Jayme,
    We basically lost all of our friends when I was diagnosed with MS – rather than them being extra supportive. I guess people just don’t know how act around someone with disabilities (or potential disabilities). I am certainly far from broken!

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