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Eriksgirl has been taking an iron vitamin with her pregnancy that includes B12. After taking the vitamin she notices a burst in energy levels. Out of desperation one day, and not wanting to take a Provigil, I tried one of her iron/b12 pills to see if it would help my fatigue. It worked surprisingly well, and then continued to work well on successive days. Since I do not need the iron I decided to switch to the B complex vitamin. I also decided to go with the B-100 complex (over the B-50) to get the maximum bang for my buck (Eriksgirl’s vitamin has 15mcg of B-12 and the B-100 has 100mcg – I was a little afraid it would be too much). I have been extremely pleased with the outcome! I take one vitamin in the morning, and then if I start dragging take another pill in the afternoon. It has not completely weaned me off of the Provigial, but it has radically reduced the days that I take Provigial. Most importantly, the B-100 has been side effect free (well unless I take it on an empty stomach; which can result in some pretty nasty burps!) and will definitely be something that I continue taking. Plus $5.00 for 100 B-100 vitamins is a ton cheaper than 30 Provigil!

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  1. I’m surprised that one of my neuro’s hasn’t tried B12 since it can frequently help with neurological problems. On the other hand that probably would have been a weekly injection, and I get enough injections already!

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  3. NMSS spam 😉

  4. Well, I’m intrigued … B12/100 with iron … I’ll look at the Mrs’s prenatal vitamins she has left over and see what’s in that.

  5. B-12 is just one of the vitamins in the B-100 complex. There is a pretty good writeup about the B-100 complex at WholeHealthMD.

  6. re: vitamin b12 >> i’ve never had a neuro suggest that i take it, but i have been tested for it in lab work on several occurrances.

    i started using it by reading the book [when first diagnosed] on the nmss.org site, specifically: nationalmssociety.org/Brochures-Vitamins.asp

    but then, going back to docs (even neuros who er, sometimes, “may” lean into the sun of a natural life) not suggesting a CAM… is it really so suprising? 🙂

    NOW, what i wanna got ‘me mitts on is “nicotinamide”(form of vitamin Bsubscript3) – the meeses’ disability enhancer…

  7. Vitamin World is a nice source for me to get multiple vitamins and other supplements.

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  9. Erik, I just caught up on your blog & enjoyed all 3 of the last entries.

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