Mar 172006

While I’ve long thought that PMS may provide the permanent cure to my Multiple Sclerosis (and I know I would be innocent) there now looks like it may work in a positive way. Apparently there is a very large supply of stem cells in the menstrual blood. Maybe I should be nicer to Eriksgirl so that I can live long enough to receive some of these stem cells!

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  1. Glad to see you’re back! We’ve missed you!!!!!

    Yeah, getting stem cells from a period is definitely less weird than eating a supplement form of a monosaccharide that glycosylates with a protein to form a glycoprotein that is already proven necessary for a healthy myelin sheath 🙂

    Stem cells certainly are an exciting option for people. I look at the “Stem Cell News” section of for the latest info.

  2. HE LIVES! But I’m going to skip that whole PMS thing … not my style.

  3. It is great to see you back but I wouldnt wish that it had been a relapse that bought you back. Stem cells from PMS….my girlfriend will be so pleased(tut yeah right!) I would like to be the collecting doctor there!lol!


  4. wouldn’t wouldn’t! Sorry!


  5. Glad to see your back Erik, but sad that your MS vacation is over!

    I’m concerned about all this hype about stem cells. The stem cells won’t do anything unless they are surgically implanted in your brain- if they could just go up into our brains through the blood brain barrier and start repairing things on their own then no one would get MS in the first place. I don’t think they are even close to being able to get stem cells to differentiate into oligodendrocytes in culture, nevermind in the brain. How the oligodendndrotyes make the myelin sheath requires interaction between the developing neuron- so it is complicated and no one has figured out how to “turn on” oligodendrocytes to make more myelin- it is mostly shut off during early childhood. The need the stimulation from developing neurons- and those are terminally mitotic so they are not being regenerated in our brains. We can take as many glycoprotein supplements as we want, but the ingredient to make myelin are not limiting- the signals to start the process are.

  6. Beth,
    I just thought this was a fun post. I do think that stem cells hold promise for re-myelination. I do agree that we are a ways from that happening!

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