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I had a bizarre occurrence of vomiting every day for approximately three months over a year before my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. It became the joke that I was just a sympathetic husband since my wife was pregnant at the time, and thus I was bearing the morning sickness for her (and it was in the morning). Went to see a doctor, but everything came back normal – of course no neurological tests. Since the diagnosis I have suspected that this was related to the Multiple Sclerosis, but have never (well up until recently) seen anything about this symptom. I did find an article (still waiting on the full text: Hiccups and vomiting as initial manifestations of multiple sclerosis), but it finally confirmed what I basically already knew: the vomiting was the first Multiple Sclerosis exacerbation. I guess this makes two ultra-rare MS exacerbations: vomiting and hearing loss. I guess I didn’t want anything common about my disease. 😉

Regardless, I finally feel redeemed that the vomiting was most likely the Multiple Sclerosis. I guess a reminder to us all: just because some site (NMSS) doesn’t list your symptom doesn’t exclude it being the MS!

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  1. Yeah, but the opposite is also true – just because you’ve got MS doesn’t mean that every symptom is the MS!

  2. katja,
    I certainly concur. I’ve certainly seen the pendulum swing both ways with MS,

  3. Wow … that isnt a listed symptom but I could see how it would be one of the many little gifts. I habitually blame my awful memory on MS, but know deep in my heart that I’m just not trying hard enough.

  4. Erik – projectile vomiting was one of my first touches in the discovery of MS also.

    mdmhvonpa – That’s a nice one, I think I’ll try the bad memory/MS link… my wife’s to smart though, she probably wouldn’t fall for it!

  5. mdmhvonpa,
    I complain about my memory, but my sister contends her’s is worse – I’d probably have to agree. She makes is hard to blame the MS. Though I can remember my wife’s birthday and our anniversary so everything else is a bonus! 😉

  6. sinnersaint,
    Glad to see someone else with the similar problem. Mine was mixed with fatigue too.

  7. I use to vomit a whole bunch too but always attributed it to mhy brain tumor and not the MS. My MS was found incidentally during my routine MRIs for the brain surgery. Imagine that:

    Good news is no new brain tumor growth, bad news is you have MS.

    I was so mad because the orginal doctor said I either had a brain tumor or MS. Never both.

    No one ever mentioned vomiting as a symptom of MS before.


  8. ckays1967,
    Vomiting is just a symptom that is never discussed. I understand that it is probably rare, but I would like to have known about it sooner so it could have been considered.

    I guess the joys of the medical field. Congrats, you got both. 🙁 I hope all is going well!


  9. My husband was diagnosed with MS in 2004. Recently he has been vomiting, is there anything that you took are suggestions for the vomiting?

  10. Lady Sovereign,
    Sorry, but I do not have any advice. Since the vomiting occured pre-diagnosis I never got anything for it. I also never tried anything to get it to stop. Sorry, and I hope it gets better for him soon.

  11. A Case Of Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Presenting With Only Autonomic Symptoms Including Orthostatic Hypotension, Hiccups And Vomiting
    Kuba H, Arakawa K, Taniwaki T, Maeda Y, Yamada T, Kira J
    Rinsho Shinkeigaku. 1999 Sep;39(9):930-4
    Kyushu University, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Department of Neurology
    PMID# 10614156
    A 49-year-old woman, with a two-year-history of Multiple Screlosis (MS), noticed Postural Dizziness, Intractable Hiccups and Vomiting.

    On admission, she had mild Quadriparesis, Hypesthesia below the C5 level, and a Girdle Sensation at the T5 and L1 levels. A CSF examination showed slight increases in the protein level (48 mg/dl) and cell count (7/mm3). Brain MRI demonstrated no obvious lesion in the Medulla Oblongata.

    The Head-Up-Tilting Test showed a decrease in the blood pressure from 105/63 mmHg to 70/55 mmHg. The pulse rate, however, increased from 57/min to 72/min. The Cold Pressure Test also revealed a mild impairement in her blood pressure response.

    The R-R interval variation (coefficient of variation: CVRR) during normal breathing was 2.58 (normal: > 1.66). The Valsalva Ratio was 1.84 (normal: 1.4-2.0).

    The Aschner Eye-Ball Pressure Test, the blood pressure response to the injection of Epinephrine, and the Sweating Response to the injection of Acetylcholine were all normal.

    She was thus administered Domperidone and Chlorpromazine. Only Domperidone effectively improved the Nausea and Vomiting.

    All symptoms, including Orthostatic Hypotension, Hiccups and Vomiting, disappeared about one month after admission. The remission of her symptoms was considered to reflect the natural course of MS.

    The results of Autonomic Nervous System function tests and her clinical features suggest that an irritable lesion in the Medullary Tegmentum, including the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii, most likely caused her symptoms.

    The above findings indicate that Autonomic symptoms, such as Orthstatic Hypotension, Hiccups and Vomiting, may sometimes be the only symptoms observed in a relapse of MS.

    >>>>> it seems that vominting is simply “neglected” aspect of MS. I have more or less severe episodes of vomiting on and of for last two years (“morning sicknes”). And what doctors do – pregnancy test and appointment at GI doctor & shrink ..:)…

  12. My MS first presented in 1973 with vomiting. In 1978 I was hospitalized and put on steroids after vomiting repeatedly for 12 hours. Two weeks after that had another spell of vomiting and was hospitalized again. No vomiting in the years since…

    I have never met another MS patient who experienced this symptom.

    Years ago, there was a phone service you could call for info on many health issues. The recording on MS listed 10 symptoms of MS, one of which was dizziness and vomiting — the only reference I’ve ever heard til your post.

    Thanks Erik

  13. I am awaiting the brain MRI for a series of life altering symptoms including vomiting for sport, myoclonic jerks, severe back pain, loss of balance, and more. Thanks for posting this piece. It helps to link one more symptom to this constellation of misery.

    If I have MS like my mother does, how long does it take for treatment to work?

    Worried in CA.

  14. I am having MS for 5 years and now for 3 weeks I am experiencing vomitting and its feeling. and hearing noise in my head at the same time.

  15. Do you have any suggestion how to minimize vomiting for this MS? I have friend suffering this symptom. Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. It would make sense that there may be a connection with hearing, vestibular effects and vomiting, doesn’t there? But since when does sense and medicine have commonality–except for a sound alike of sense and mediCINE? Yikes!

  17. I was diagnosed with MS in 2008.
    My last 2 relaspses have started after severe vomitting. At least if I start vomitting again, I can predict another relapse.
    After having a stomach stapling many years ago, I hadn’t vomitted until recently so it kind of puts it into prospective
    Thanks Erik

  18. My son had monthly bouts of excessive vomiting and stomach pain every month for a year to the point where he was seen in a and e and sent home having suggected a multitude of conditions. After a year he was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with the Chicken pox virus in his spinal fluid and meningitis. This was three years ago but he has recently started being sick again and again going to a and e only to be sent home as no one knows what is wrong with him. He is 28 years old , does get very tierd but does not sleep very well. Is anyone aware of any symptoms like this when they were diagnosed with MS.

  19. I am also awaiting an MRI if they will give me one because of my age. My eye Dr caught the problem I have several other symptoms but I get sick to my stomach almost every day now. I am so glad I found this because now I know that it amy only be one more symptom ot this disease. Now for my real question? My exhusband has had MS for many years. We have three grown children. What would be thier chances of aquireing this disease?

  20. I was Diagnosed with MS in 2004. All my life , I have always fell , tripped, or my legs gave out for no reason….. I was classified as clumsy… I have had stitches 13 times, can’t walk a straight line…… my vision is like looking through a kaleidoscope sometimes, my ears constantly ring, my moods are erratic, i feel like I am loosing my mind, Now when I eat I throw it right back up…. I don’t feel nauseated , it just feels like when i eat , I’m swallowing rocks and it won’t go down, when I am eating, i forget that I even have food n my mouth, weird huh, then i sometimes i forget if I even ate …. forget what I just did, can’t hold a job, cant do anything without forgetting. It’s rough. I used to have Seizures a lot . I never thought I would have to live this way ever…..

  21. I was diagnosed with MS August 4, 2012. I have been experiencing a long list of symptoms and vomiting has been one of them. Just yesterday I had my 3rd episode of vomiting 1 time for no reason before being diagnosed and 2 times after being diagnosed, for no reason also. I was wondering why was I vomiting because I didn’t eat or drink anything bad but as I did research on this disease, I saw that vomiting is one of the symptoms. Everybody doesn’t have the same symptoms so it is kind of hard to compare. I wish all of you the best in your lives and in your health and I pray we all continue to take it one day at a time.

  22. I have had a probable diagnosis and 2nd opinion, not MS a yr ago. I vomit for no reason sometimes. Often during the night I wake up vomiting. Have you found out how to stop having episodes of barfing?

    • Travel sickness pills dull it. but if it’s muscular u pretty fucked .phlegme will always build up and in most cases it’s phlegme not bile .

  23. I can say vomiting has be one about an 8 hour a day issue .travel sickness pills help take edge off it but …..night times are impossible any motion especially in dark causes extreme vertigo and dizzyness ……had 3 relapses within first month of diagnosis….. currently life is a rollercoaster .I have been told by many u.s doctors I have to misdiagnosed unto rate of relapses

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