Jan 042006

I have gotten out of the habit of searching for current testing of Multiple Sclerosis treatments. It was a nice surprise when I got an email from a fellow MS’er who has a site detailing his experience with Tovaxin. If his experience is typical of the drug then a 92% reduction in relapses would easily be the most effective means of treatment, and was side-effect free! I am guessing it is a long ways from being a commercial drug/treatment since the FDA has just recently approved a phase IIb trial for Tovaxin (FYI: there will need to be a Phase III before FDA drug/treatment approval). Reading through Tim’s site certainly brought back awful memories of the diagnosis exacerbation where my hands were almost completely crippled, and I needed help with so many things; very thankful to be past that point!

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  1. Hi buddy! I got that email too and I have seen the video clips of how this one works too! It seems like a great idea and looks very promising from a doom point of view!(having ms and looking for a cure too!) I know that the trails look very promising but the FDA will have to be very careful with this drug. Please check all documentation you can read about it as there are some points that scare me with it! The new trails are only excepting new people with RRMS and they cant have had a attack in last 9 months! Then I will will have to wait 2 years before the EU will run trails here…so I guess its good luck to you guys first! Check out what it says on http://www.msrc.co.uk/index.cfm?fuseaction=show&pageid=1312 as they are very informative! We will find a cure one day!

  2. Thanks for the link. Having not read the risks I would think there is a very real danger of turning your body against itself (moreso than it already is with the MS). My fear would be they pick the wrong item and the body begins attacking another critical part. Overall I find it interesting, but I definitely was to see a long track record of safety before jumping on this treatment!

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