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I came across a headline, I think in my NMSS magazine, about the search for the three cures for Multiple Sclerosis. I haven’t read the article but the 3 “cures” that people desire are: (1) Stop disease progression; (2) Repair Disability/Remyelination; and (3) Prevent other people from getting the disease. Personally I haven’t thought much about number three; probably because one and two make three less important. I also don’t think of remyelination as a cure, though is certainly something I am definitely interested in – I’m not maintaining this fat layer for nothing! Of course I suspect that there can be no cure without an understanding of what causes MS (especially with the different types that may actually be different diseases that are lumped together). I guess for now I’ll just stick with my Rebif, and come off of this couple week injection vacation I’ve been on.

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  1. Heh … fat layer. I tell ya, move to PA/Philly and the cheese steaks here will certainly boost the ‘fruits’ of your labor in that department. I have a six-pack ab …. under an inch thick ‘stem cell bank’.

  2. Yumm, one of my favorite items. Though I have been disappointed by the philly cheese steaks that I’ve gotten in Philly. I can get much better in Texas. Though that should come as suprise since everything is bigger and better in Texas! 😉

  3. Erik did forget to meantion that we have to travel to Austin to get one that is better! It’s not like they are everywhere. But what is a 4 hour drive for a great sandwich?


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