Jan 052006

As I read the article headline I was shocked to see that was actually progressing in the United States. I had figured any rational discourse on Cannabis, and related products, would not be possible here. Of course the drug isn’t approved so there is certainly plenty of time for the current legal climate to quash Sativex. Assuming I read correctly it looks like MS’ers in Canada are already benefiting from the drug – I guess things just move slow here.

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  1. I use cannabis daily; calms my MS induced tremors so that I may do simple things like type or write. I would give most anything for a legal remedy, but such is our US stance. No sanity involved.

    Carry on and do your best; I’m thrilled to find comrades-in-arms. My own MS dx came 6/2004; has been upgraded to primary progressive. My neurologist hasn’t come up with a treatment plan yet…

  2. Sorry about the DX. I guess regardless of the type there are unique challenges for everyone. I hope that you get a treatment that works well!

  3. i jumped when i saw canada approve earlier last year. my doctor father sternly looked at me when i asked what he thought about the US and said “never.”

    oh contraire you dinasaur. you most certainly didn’t jive at all in the 60’s. 🙂

    he ain’t got no groove, i’m teling you..

    >>check out the Medical Marihuana Project Policy at mpp.org.< < they have legislative alerts about which states are trying to pass laws. also medical marijuana.

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