Dec 012005

It seems that almost everyone has an exit strategy for Iraq. Since I got a forwarded copy of Bush’s speech this morning I thought it was time for the Erik Iraq exit strategy:

We need to convince Walmart to build a store or 2 in Iraq (Just give them a couple tax breaks – certainly the GOP way – and they should be more than happy to open a couple stores). This will then usher in an era of consumerism as they see all the stuff that is out there that they cannot live without. An insurgent busy saving for a new big screen TV is an insurgent not blowing stuff up. Secondarily, (I heard this on the radio) all Iraqis should get air conditioning, because a cool Iraqi is a happy Iraqi – coincidentally something Walmart also sells and fits nicely into my plan. World peace through Walmart and consumerism!

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  1. Brilliant!

    Erik for President in 2008!

    Don’t worry, Erik. It’s an easy job. Look at the guy who does it now!

  2. Hmmm, interesting. Now throw in a Starbucks on every corner, a Gap on every other corner and fill the rest in with Dollar (Dinar?) stores, a few Best Buys here and there. That and convince everyone to use credit cards … oh yeah, they would be so busy racking up debt they would have no use for car-bombs … its too expensive to blow up an escalade or lexus .. or a Minivan … SUV …. ghhaaaaa

  3. … or Walmart would allow more people to exercise terror as it could beat the prices of all the ma-and-pa terror outlets.

  4. SinnerSaint,
    Walmart is really a terror in itself. I have long suspected them of being neuro-toxic; confirmed usually by the increase stiffness in my hand.

  5. Great idea. That’s what our “leaders” are heading for anyway? Let’s cut out all this blowing stuff up, and get right to the meat. And I bet real estate prices are low.

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