Dec 222005

Well I got a letter in the mail yesterday letting me know that my doctor at the MS clinic has quit. Not that this impacts me in any way, but it certainly makes for a bad situation in the MS clinic. On the other hand he wasn’t an MS specialist, and didn’t like working the MS clinic so I’m sure this is for the best. Maybe when they reschedule my appointment I can actually see a specialist. Of course I will still continue to see my primary neurologist, I just like the access of the MS clinic in case I need one of their services.

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  1. Of course this comes on the heels of Dr. Hawker already leaving the Dallas MS clinic. Does that only leave one neurologist? I think I’ll be lucky to see anyone in the clinic in 2006 – fine with me!

  2. It definitely is nice to see an MS specialist. My old (quack) Neurologist plainly sucked and thank god he refered me to the MS clinic I go to.

    So now my primary Neurologist is actually an MS specialist.

    Good Luck for 2006 and maybe hopefully seeing a apecialist!!!

  3. amanda,
    If I ever get into an MS specialist they will be secondary to my preimary neurologist. MS for me isn’t that much of a challenge: prescibe the drugs and monitor the progress and if necessary secondary drugs like antidepressants or Solu-Medrol. It certainly doesn’ take a specialist to handle that.

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