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One of the things I hate most about the injection is chilling the site before hand. I have tried using nothing, but that wasn’t real good either. I have finally broken down and ordered some heating pads (via ebay of course) to see if that is better. Of course I wrote about getting some heating packs for my Rebif injections over a year ago, but I guess no time like the present. Since my average weekly Rebif usage has dropped to about 1.5/3 I hope this will help.

Regardless, the heating pads will provide something more agreeable (to the family – and hopefully prevent impending personal harm to me) to warm my frigid hands as opposed to my wife and son’s back! 😉

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  1. It’s odd that you get this as an issue. You know, cold hands==warm heart. Anyways, you could always order those battery operated gloves!

  2. Why do you have to cool or heat the injection site?

  3. mdmhvonpa,
    Shhh – you’re going to ruin my image. The cold hands don’t bother me so much, mostly other peope! 😉

  4. Beth,
    Nothing has to be used, but with repeated injections you want something to minimize the pain/swelling/etc. The cold pack does this, but creates its own pain. Overall the pain is now minimal with the smaller Rebif needle, and is mostly a puncture issue (at least for me). When you’re taking tons of shots the less pain the better.

  5. Erik,
    When I first started (in 2003) taing the shots, I used Laticane, ice pack and so forth becfore taking the shot. I know sinply take it. No preparation, no build up. Its not a big deal to me anymore (though I do stay away from the legs!). Does every site hurt for you or just specific ones? I’d be curious to know if others have difficulties with injection discomfort, swelling, etc.

  6. I used EMLA cream for the few times I shot up Rebif before swiching back to Avonex. It didn’t work.

  7. Hello,
    I found your site just now, I also have MS and I’m on Rebif so I thougt I’d add my 2 cents about your Rebif injection woes. I had tons of problems with the injections until I started injection manually (myself) and very very slowly. I will inject the needle, wait a second, then start pushing the plunger, stop after a tiny bit goes in, and then very slowly inject the rest. Anytime it starts to burn, I stop and wait a second. This has helped me tremendously. Best of luck to you!

  8. does the heating really help????

    I may get brave and try it tomorrow….

    I hate the ice.

  9. ckays1967,
    Yes and No. It was better in the sense that it was not an awful freezer pack. It was bad because it caused the injection to create an unpleasant tickle like sensation which I finally decided was worse than the cold pack. I haven’t tried the other suggestion of taking a warm shower/bath before hand, but mainly because that doesn’t mix with my scedule (I don’t shower at night). It would be something else to try.

  10. Hi, I’m having problems with the swelling causing aggravating pain esp at my stomach due to multiple injections. Next, i found out there was an infection. Scary but swelling will hopefully goes down eventually. Ice pack is supposedly to help, gonna try it tonight.


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