Dec 292005

I don’t know if Glutens as a cause for Multiple Sclerosis has finally started gaining some steam or if it is just now starting to trickle down to me. As I consistently stand on most issues I do not think that the main stream scientists, and the NMSS, are holding back the cause, and thus the cure, for MS. On the other hand I’m not that familiar with the anti-gluten case, regardless it smacks of quackery and taking a rare problem to be the cause of a wide range of diseases. Don’t come between me and my PB&J! 😉

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  1. I saw a paper a few monts ago where they put the MS mouse model mice on a gluten-free diet and it actually made the symptoms worse.

  2. Isn’t an intollerance to gluten called celiac disease? There’s a blood test for that to check for the antibodies that one with Celiac producs.

    Why is everyone trying to explain MS away with something you ate or didn’t eat?

  3. Beth,
    As always you are a wealth of information! -Thanks

  4. carrie,
    Without checking that certainly sounds right. I don’t know – though I remember one site that claimed pork was the problem. Life without bacon – is it really worth living?!

  5. I have M.S. and one of my friends has Celiac Disease. Both are autoimmune diseases. We were constantly amazed at how similar our symptoms were. I did some studying two years ago and decided to go on a diet that would cut out gluten to see if it would help my symptoms. I didn’t really notice anything, accept that I was less fatigued, which is always a help, but I had to spend a lot of time hunting down food that I could eat.

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