Dec 062005

I guess it should be, there certainly has been plenty of time (at least in the way these things manifest themselves with me). So I guess now that the MS has all settled down (except for my growing disdain over injections) it is on to non-MS related issues; which now has me longing for a problem I could take a pill for! 😉

In regards to Amanda’s comment there is an upside to the fatigue. Probably the biggest is that there is a renewed interest in focusing on the important things instead of spending all of my energy in front of the computer reading Slashdot and Digg! 😉 Of course the downside was that I spent almost all of my energy playing with the kids and almost did badly at school (not to say I’m heavily motivated with school anyway! ;-). At least the fatigue is done so I can Slashdot and play with the kids – hmmm, if only I could combine the two! 😉

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  4 Responses to “Fatigue All Better”

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend Erik!

  2. SinnerSaint,
    Yeah, well just in enough time so that I can fully “enjoy” the Christmas shopping experience. 😉 If only I could have gotten a couple more weeks out of the fatigue, or better yet just kept my mouth shut! 😉

  3. I spend all day in front of a computer – great job for it’s lack of physical stress, but I get home and the last4 thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer, reading all the blogs and such that I have in my “Daily List.”

  4. Hmmm, to combine. Isnt a /.kid a hidden file in unix? 😉 Perhaps ./erik.brandy/kids …

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