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I forgot about this from my neuro visit. When testing the reflexes in my legs my reflex in the left leg was very exaggerated moving my leg quite a bit. This was opposed to my right leg that hardly moved at all – normal for me. This is indicative that there is lesion activity/nerve damage to generate that large of a reflex, but is otherwise a silent lesion. Of course the neuro didn’t comment as he tested both legs again, though it was clear this was a problem. I guess a problem in my legs that I didn’t otherwise notice is better than one I did notice.

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  1. Wow ,,exact same thing happened to me, left leg swung extra high as right leg just kinda clugged. He did it several times with same result. Where would the lesion be, in the brain or spine, and do u think it idicates future walking , gait probs? P.s. Do you believe any of the Roger Macdougall’s diet theory?

  2. Wow ,,exact same thing happened to me, left leg swung extra high as right leg just kinda clugged. He did it several times with same result. Where would the lesion be, in the brain or spine, and do u think it idicates future walking , gait probs? P.s. Do you believe any of the Roger Macdougall’s diet theory?

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  3. Kim,
    Shooting from the hip I’m going to guess that the lesion would be in the spince since it is impacting reflex response. I’ve semi-recently had leg weakness so it may be a remnant of that, or it might be something new. Too early to tell at this point. I’m not that familiar with his diet – though I am aware of the gluten argument. I seem to recall that there is a semi-simple test for testing for gluten intolerance. On the other hand I do not think glutens are the devil. Furthermore, MS has been around a long time; certainly before our heavy gluten diet.

  4. I had a ton of really weird reflex things happen early in my dx (dx oct 1998) My doc informed me that I had ‘hyper reflexes’. I mean you could barely touch my reflex points…and my limbs would flail! ;0) I had to give up pedicures cuz i hated kicking the poor As for me now…I use a walker to get around, wheelchair or scooter for longer excursions. I went through Avonex and Rebif and am currently on Copaxone…waiting for Tysabri to return. I had two doses…and was using a cane instead of walker. Hang in there…the pipeline is full of hope! Peace and Love, Heather

  5. HI Erik,

    I had the same thing at my visit. But actually both my legs were really jumpy. Not just swing out once but almost twice. Here’s what I found
    “Abnormally increased reflexes are associated with upper motor neuron lesions. ” I found this on

  6. Ezra’s mom,
    Tysabri? While I like the once a month idea, I really dislike that it killed a couple people when combined with other immuno-supressive therapies. I guess sometimes things can work too well; or death as a means to a cure! πŸ˜‰

  7. I love reflexes. The thing about relexes being abnormally strong could be that nerves that inhibit other nerves are being damaged. Apparently, we normally have many of these inhibitory neurons both in the peripheral nervous system and in the CNS. One of the mechanisms for chronic neuropathic peripheral pain is that some of these inhibitory neurons are damaged so the ones left behind that are excitatory neurons just go nuts.

    On a personal note, I had that happen at my most recent neuro visit and didn’t think anything of it. My right leg went gang-busters and my left was “normal”- I didn’t think about having an overly large reflex being indicative as a problem as well. I just remember both the neuro and I saying “wow that one sure works!”. Thanks!

  8. My legs have been hyper reflexive since a year into my diagnosis. I have to warn doctors that I may kick them and hard when they go to hit my knees.

  9. Tracy,
    If I hadn’t been told (at another time) I would have thought that my reflexes were really good!

  10. Well i do have a question. Its with reflexs but for some reason when ever some one thorws some thing at me i always react way befor it ever hits me. i’m a master swords men and ive never been hit by a blade my master lets me teach the class now. could you tell me whats up? please email me at

  11. Hi, my name is Kat (for short,) I
    just came back from the neurosurgeon and my leg reflexes were really outrageous. I thought they were good being so hyper but, he mentioned MS to me, and about seeing a neurologist. However, I’ve had neck problems for nine years, and severe pain, I’m not sure what is going on.

    They also found a cyst in my pineal gland several months back; I sort of relate anything in my physical health to my spine injury.

    I don’t think that they have treated it properly. Although, the surgeon has order a bone scan to look for things that is not as obvious on the MRI, and I have RFA scheduled for the day after Christmas, (Oh my, that procedure hurts like heck. I wish there was more of a “definite” answer.

    Sometimes, I wonder if I should accept the pain and stop trying to find that one doctor to “fix” my cervical spine.

    Well, just wanted to post. I have a site that just opened, if anyone would like to post your story about pain. The forum I created their for such is not being used other than me. It’s called One Stop Write Shop, if anyone wants to check it out.

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery, or at least more hope for the future.

    Happy Holidays

    • I had a total knee replacement 3 years ago and have been in pain every since. My dr. Tells me I have nerve damage and sent me to a pain clinic. I prefer not to take a pain pill once a day for the rest of my life. That’s crazy.. So, I opp to have jections every three months. And still have to take a pain pill once a day. I feel like there is something wrong other than nerve damage. I think it’s mechanical — but of course the drs. says it’s not. I had my other knee done a year ago and have had no issues. Thank God… Any help/thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome.. I need your input and help. i truly need to be pain free… My knee hurts when i turn over – it feels like its catching… So painful. Thanks

  12. I have the neuro stumped. I have been having severe leg pains from ankle to pelvis and numbness with the pin prick test from my ankle to my pelvis,only on the inside of my leg. He also said I have hyper reflexes and had done a brain mri which shows 2 very small lesions.
    I’ve als had a cervical and throacic mri showed nothing. He now wants me to go for a spinal tap.He has mentioned ms,but I’d like to know if anybody has experienced severe leg pain with ms. I have no symptoms from my hips up except for the skin on my abdomen is numb as well.
    Hope for some input.
    Thanks Sean

  13. Poor cirulrtion causes pain, numbness , and pins and needles in my feet.I was told by my Doctor that I have hyper-sensitivity{I mistakenly called it numbness but after testing she told me different} of the nerves from my waist down which causes painful sensations if my legs are touched. We haves 2 chocolate labs and if they hit me with their tails around my knees my leg will buckle. I had a neurologist ask me once what my legs felt like and I told her they felt like what I imagined extreme road rash would feel like. It is hard to describe some symptoms to people who have not had any neurological problems.

  14. I have had Lyme and believe Ivermectin helped cure it. But commenting on the tingling and painful sensations in legs and arms, this can also be caused from the back, a pinched nerve or disk or sciatica and it is very painful and puzzling… It may not be from Lyme . If you have not also checked this out…There is a very helpful site called The Cheiropractor will actually reply to you question and will give his opinion from years of experience,( he is in his 70’s), if you give him good details and facts about your problem. Lack of leg testing response is one of symptoms of several varities of sciatica. Hope this can help someone.

  15. Has anyone heard of a spinal cord stimulator? I have RSD/CRPS and my pain management Dr brought it up. Might be worth checking into

  16. I just came back from the doc where I had very high leg reflexes. I’ve been on a 10 year battle with right leg pain and have seen 7 different docs in which all have no idea what’s going on. This last doctor wants another set of mri’s and after he gives up which he will the next step he said is the Mayo clinic.

  17. I have a Chiari 1 malformation and with that comes compression to all kinds of nerves and even my brain stem. I’ll be having surgery soon to open up the area in the back of my head to give my brainstem room to breathe and I pray I make it till then! I have progressively worsening symptoms of my brainstem compression and signs of cushings reflex that scare the crap out of me. Lately I’ve had tachycardia which is normal for me but then swings to bradycardia very quick (not normal for me at all) I also have complex sleep apnea and my central apneas recently took a turn for the worst and significantly spiked with the treatment of my bipap machine. I’m currently waiting for my ASV machine so I don’t die in my sleep before surgery! I also have hyper reflexes and my physical therapist recently said I barely touch your knee and you react what is the deal. I can only relate it to the nerves in the cervical region or possible thoracic region. I don’t know but I have bulging discs in my thoracic region and then my cranial nerves have been reacting because I’ve had major inner ear pain at times with ni infection and it’s accompanied by moderate tinnitus. Ive also had bells palsey and my right side of my face goes numb often. (Bells palsey in 2009 and more current right side facial paralysis) It’s so odd how all of this has tied together for me. I have cardiovascular issues, GI issues, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, complex apnea, connective tissue disorder (EDS) intercistial cystitis, mast cell activation syndrome, fibromyalgia, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, bradycardia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, and possible (probable) high inner cranial pressure along with possible cranial cervical instability! Ahhhh don’t be surprised if you have a spinal cord issue with crazy reflexes..just hope it’s nothing like mine πŸ™ˆ

  18. My neurologist did a reflex test and my right sight was much more responsive than the left. Also when he tapped my knee it also sent reflex up the top part of my leg towards my body. He didn’t go into any great explanation just said I have too much reflex on that side and ordered an MRI which I have done but don’t have results yet. Anybody have this happen to them

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