Nov 042005

I finally gave up that the fatigue was going to get better yesterday (Thursday), and called the neurologist to get a prescription for anything. He called in an order of Provigil 200mg and we swung by Kroger later that night to pick it up. Apparently Provigil is not an approved drug for me and I need to go through the additional hassle of getting the drug authorized. To add insult to injury the drug is approx. $15.00 per pill without insurance. (Since it is basically legal coke I don’t understand why it is so expensive!) I was fried, but my wife got one pill to cover me today while awaiting authorization. Apparently, after calling this morning, is that I am too old to get this drug without special authorization because it is an ADHD drug. I guess another day of the MS package. 🙁

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  1. Oh the stupid insurance companies I know the feeling. I was just recently on adderall what a big change in my fatigue I was bouncing off the walls for 2 days from 1 pill and that is all I took 1 pill could not handle anymore of that!! I wish you luck with the fatigue!!!

  2. I have a friend that was on Provigil for a bit. The name sounds like it should be a drug for erectile dysfunction :).

    Sorry about the insurance hassels. That is one thing I have to be thankful for- this stuff started up shortly after I started a new job with great health benefits.

  3. The fatigue drives me nuts! I am currently going through the Department of Rehabilitation to be re-trained out of the warehouse environment due to a lingering episode. Do you use the Rebiject or do you just stab away? And if you do have you received your new RebijectII yet?

  4. Erik….

    Oh, Provigil! I can’t function without it. I take a max of two per day FOR MS. $$$ I remember reading that it is also an antinarcoleptic (sp?).

    Is there any chance that you could get it for a sleep disorder? I take it for MS, but the doctor said he’d prescribe Provigil for that, too.

    Excuse me, but did you say you are too old for ADHD? That seems strange…. My husband is 51 and has ADHD. He’s on Provigil.

  5. Provigil is FDA approved *only* for treating narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. So when neuros use it to treat MS fatigue, that’s considered an “off-label” use. Sometimes insurance companies require prior authorization. Sometimes they won’t cover it at all.

    Many drugs used to treat MS symptoms are used “off label”–neurontin, for instance, is an FDA approved anti-convulsant often used to treat neural pain.

    As an MS Society staff person, I’ve seen lots of insurance trends like this lately, so stay on top of your prescription benefits as much as you can.

    If you have problems with coverage, advocate for yourself, get your neuro involved, or call your nearest MS Society chapter at 1 800 FIGHT MS.

  6. Beth,
    Somehow you managed to make the provigil a lot less exciting! 😉

  7. sinnersaint,
    Fatigue it definitely one of the worst. It is one of the few things that impacts everything that you do.

    No, I don’t use rebiject (nor do I even own the new one). I have never tried the initial one, and have no plans on getting the rebiject II. I am too much of a control freak and dount that a machine could do a better job than me or eriksgirl.

  8. Julia,
    I definitely don’t have a sleep disorder. Plus I wouldn’t want to pretend to have one because it would get my drivers license revoked. Besides, all is well with the insurance – they just want you to jump through their hoops. ;-( Of course all this trouble to not like the medication!

  9. Cindy,
    Yeah, I am aware that it is an off-label use. Really the issue here was that the drug wasn’t on the formulary and thus the ensuing paperwork pushing to get it approved.

    I also knew about neurontin. I believe they just got into trouble for drug rep’s discussing its use for neurologic pain. Some of the FDA’s joys. 😉

  10. I have used provigil and it seems to work except my lims feel really tired, weird feeling. Recently I have been taking Hoodia a natural appetite suppressant. Since taking hoodia I feel as if I have more energy.

  11. Anonymous,
    Hmmm, that was a weird reaction; no to say I’m a stranger to that. I’ve never heard of the Hoodia before, is that a stimulant?

  12. Hi, I just read one of the comments stating that his legs feel funny..I just started Provigial 2 days ago for fatigue and my legs feel funny too..Kinda heavy and they ache…weird I know…

  13. Hi! My name is Dorothy. My husband, Frank is on Provigil 200 mgs. daily. I am writing not because he has MS, he does not, but suffers from extreme unbalance, dizziness, right hand erratic movement(taxia) and odd left eye lid which makes him look like his eye is bigger than the right eye. He has some speech difficulties and weakness generally. He had a hemorraghic stroke one year ago which left these symtoms, but now I am worrying that the drug Provigil might be a drug that is causing some of his difficulties. I’m asking you, since you may be on it. 1) how do you get off it 2) can I cut down gradually to see if that would improve some of his conditions. I hsve tried to look up information about Provigil on the internet, but they do not answer my basic question–How to get off the drug safely–
    I know you are not a doctor, but his doctors seem to know little about this drug. He was placed on it while in the hospital about a year ago–and was very sleepy at that time.

  14. Dorothy,
    As you said I am not a doctor. On the other hand I take provigil as needed, not as an everyday porescription. Some days, that I do take it, I only take 100mg (half of a pill) rather than the 200mg. For me I can just quit the provigil, or wean off by going to a half. On the other hand I am not at all familiar with your case/problem. Good luck!

  15. Lee,
    I have not been real happy with the Provigial, but sometimes is an evil I tolerate to make it though the day. Ugh!

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