Nov 162005

Well after much ado there seems to be a significant improvement in my fatigue. Maybe that means I will write more. 😉 Regardless, this seems to mirror the fatigue, and all of my exacerbations, in that it tends to last 2-3 weeks and then goes away. Other than the fact that it has been a rough couple of weeks (of which I think the Provigil made worse) I am glad to see things start to improve!

Reflecting back I don’t really seem to understand the MS fatigue. What is getting shorted out that makes me get progressively more tired as the day progresses? Not being able to use my hands, pain, etc. all make sense, the fatigue doesn’t make sense.

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  1. I am glad you are feeling better Erik. Let us always pray for defeat of the disease not just periods of rest!

  2. I too wonder about MS fatigue. After about a month with a CPAP machine, without significant improvement, I wonder if it is sleep apnea or just fatigue that seems to keep me tired. I’m getting so used to it, I’m not sure I’d like waking up feeling rested! I also echo your sentiments about the blog span. What a pain.

  3. I dont know … when I get that way I usually fight it like a salmon going upstream. Sure, the profound exhaustion is mind-numbing, but I find that manual labor helps me disconnect from it … just laying there is worse for me because I conetmplate how lousy and depressed I feel.

  4. I can say that my fatigues gets worse sitting down or laying down. If I keep active, doesn’t seem to be as bad. The way I see it is if my legs want to be tired, I’m going to give them something to be tired about.

  5. Speaking from a post-depressed point of view and not an MS point of view….and coming OUT of that place, I think fatigue comes from whatever ‘gas we’re putting in our car’…so to speak. When I was depressed, I was putting junk IN my body and nothing of value. I would lay around and just let it sit and stew. Then my poor organs had to try finding some way to convert all that junk to something useable for fuel. It was VERY time-consuming for my body to do all those conversions. I also had an overgrowth of yeast from WAY too many antibiotics so I also had this kind of sludge coating my insides so any nutrients I WAS ingesting had a hard time getting through the sludge. Once I cleansed of the yeast, I felt miraculously better and started even losing weight (whoo hoo!) Then I started working earnestly at putting the RIGHT kind of fuel in my tank (real gasoline is needed in a car…you can’t expect a car to run on diet coke in the tank!) When I started thinking about, “OK….what did God intend for this body to use for fuel?” and then when I put THOSE things in (fruits, veggies when possible and then I had to supplement because doing all food just wasn’t enough…I had to start with baby steps and supplementing).
    The change was INCREDIBLE! My insides didn’t need to exert so much energy just keeping me alive because the nutrients were easily accessible in my food and supplements. Soooooo, I ended up with a HUGE increase in energy. The more I cleansed of junk and the more nutrients I gave my body, the more energy and good health I had!
    So I can only suggest the following questions to ask…are you giving your body all the nutrients needed for good health? If not, why are you surprised that you’re tired? Also, consider that with Rx having to be processed through liver and kidneys and other organs, you probably need even MORE nutrients to help support that process. Rx are toxic by definition, ya know?

    I sure hope you get feeling better soon!

  6. Stacy,
    I certainly agree that a good diet is important for good overall health.

  7. Stephen,
    With MS it can be hard to tell, even without having sleep apnea. Hope it get’s better soon.

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