Nov 252005

In July I emptied out my sharps container to get a picture of my first 2yrs. Certainly a lot of memories and emotions tied up in all of this mess. It seems so long ago that I was diagnosed, though I certainly remember wondering if I would ever get over that first exacerbation. Of all things the needles are a reminder of the transitional time from diagnosis, and life not being normal, to now when things have long gotten back to normal and are very happy!

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  1. Pop off the needles and build a log cabin of woe.

  2. I’ve got four of those things sitting under my bathroom sink. I can’t find anyone who will take them off my hands! You know who will Erik? Doctor won’t, hospital won’t, pharmacy won’t.

  3. Fortunately I have a family member that works in a hospital so disposal isn’t much of an issue. Short of paying for disposal yourself (your Dr. could probably provide you with a name) there aren’t many options. Of course I’m not against throwing away the sharps container in the trash since all the sharps are secure (nobody is going to get accidentally stuck) – but that’s just me.

    The other group you might want to check with is a local pharmacy.

  4. Sinnersaint,

    I would call your local city and ask them what to do. Many of them have programs to take in dangerous or medical use items, and they can at least point you in a good direction.

    Another thing that you can do is call your CRAB group, i.e. Rebif is shared solutions, and ask them what they would have you do. In the minimum, as much as their drug costs, I would think they would have some kind of program to help you out.

    Just two thoughts! Good luck!

    Brandy aka Eriksgirl

  5. I am happy that you are happy:) What a pile of pick up sticks that is!

  6. My trash gets taken to an incinerator, and they told me it was OK to toss the container in the trash. I use a coffee creamer container, and seal it with duct tape, and mark it plainly.

  7. what a cool photo! Very new age art! Frame it and sell it to the mad english!hehe! Hope you are well friend!

  8. That certainly is a great expression of what you’ve gone through. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a couple hundred needles.
    I am able to throw my needles in the trash. Called our waste company and they said just mark it clearly and seal properly. I currenly use an old Dreft bottle. I’ll need to use the 300 oz. Tide one soon. LOL!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better!! it’s great to look back and see what you’ve accomplished and overcome!

  9. Hi Erik. I can definitely relate to the needle memoir lane trip…1 year with MS down, and a lifetime to beat this SOB! Stay strong 🙂

  10. Howdy all fellow MSer’s! Im on Copaxe so I have the purdy glass ones. You can take them to any FIRE DEPARTMENT for disposal too. I worry more about the FULL ones I forgot or just didnt feel like doing! Wish I could donate them to someone who has to pay big bucks for theirs! Try to stay on the sunny side of the street! *hugs*

  11. personallog,
    Thanks, maybe I need to frame them in an interesting design – though something with horns seems appropriate! 😉

  12. Pamela,
    I only have the sharps containers (not pictured) because I have a free supplier. I suspect mine would go in the trash too, they’re certainly safe in their container.

  13. missfits4,
    Yeah, and that 1st year was the worst (at least for me). Hopefully it is all easy now!

  14. Joanneb44,
    I think we’ve all accumulated some medication we can no longer use. Too bad there isn’t a legal way to get rid of it.

    Hmmm, I would have never guessed the Fire Department. But I guess if you can drop off your unwanted kids (Texas only?) then you should be able to get rid of anything else. 🙁

  15. I made a wierd art project of mine…good to know I’m not alone.

  16. dissonanceink,
    That was pretty cool. I figure it is therapeutic to do something artsy with them – of course I have yet to do anything like that!

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