Oct 262005

I guess when there isn’t anything better to write about then write about illicit drugs (oops – I meant alternative medicine)! 😉 The basis for the article is basically that a key chemical in weed stimulates brain growth (well in rats). Now I’ve never met a rat hopped up on the ‘ol Mary Jane; but I’ve met a lot of people who have partaken of some and I can safely say that they will probably not be winning a mental (or memory) contests in the near future (ever). I guess I could postulate that weed suppresses mental activity so far that the brain thinks it needs to grow additional tissue.

  4 Responses to “Weed Good For the Brain?”

  1. I also heard of an advancement somewhere about brain tissue actually being TRANSPLANTED between subjects … I wonder what would happen if you transplanted the additional growth ….

  2. I was very different person as a young man and lets just say, if this is true… not only should I not have MS – but no one within a 5 mile radius should!

  3. You are so wrong about cannabis. I have used iot to alleviate my lrg pain and it worked. The key is getting the right ‘weed’ as you like to call it. My cannabis contains more CBD (the analgesic part) than THC (the high part). It really helped me until I had to quit because the trial I was on wouldn’t accept anything but ‘legal’ drugs like Marinol which is totally useless as well as expensive. Look up Sativex and
    GW Pharmaceuticals on the web for a more detailed description.

  4. Hmmm, that is interesting about the CBD. Regardless, if I’m going to take an illegal drug I better be getting a good feeling off of it! 😉

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