Oct 272005

Fatigue the seven-letter four-letter word has been eating my lunch for a couple of weeks now. Which means there have been two types of days: bad and really bad. Today has been a “good” day and thus qualifies as just a bad day. I am resistant to hopping on another drug, but if this persists past the weekend I will try out an anti-fatigue drug. This is definitely a massive quality of life destroyer – probably only second to Solu-Medrol. Where’s a power-pellet when you really need one!

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  1. Being a pregnant woman, I can at least semi-relate to the fatigue. And I have to struggle around the girth of my stomach! 🙂 Thank goodness I’m not hormonal, too! 😉

  2. Ah yes the all to familiar “F” word in an MS’ers life. I personally think most days that Fatigue is the worst of MS. It just plain sucks!!!

    Hope that you don’t need to go on an anti-fatigue kinda drug. Here’s wishing u luck!!!

  3. I hate when people say you’re just lazy when you’re so fatiged putting on socks and shoes is a challenge.(I cringe thinking of it.) ( twice as bad after a shower when the warmth increases the fatigue and lifting a foot is like an olympic event.)
    “If you wouldn’t sleep so much.”
    Yeah, right, whatever.
    Like being fatigued is bliss, like the sleep isn’t filled with dread about how the day is going to be…

  4. Mmmmm… Fatigue. The profound exhaustion you feel upon waking in the morning. It’s DELICIOUS! Getting to the bathroom before you wet yourself is like running a marathon … without all the cheering legions of fans.

  5. My wife and I live up four small flights of stairs. Carring the boy in his carseat up the stairs on legs of wet noddles is always interesting. I hit the front door on empty!

  6. Fatigue is the worst.

    SinnerSaint, your post caught me as unintentionally funny. I thought only Erik and I refered to our kids as “the boy” and “the girl”. Don’t know how we will handle this third one. 🙂 I love it!!

  7. -S no one in there right mind would call you hormonal… 🙂


  8. I can so relate.
    Sometimes just carrying my son for five minutes can wipe me out. And then it adds to the guilt of not being able to continue to carry him or then pick up my daughter. UGH!! You’re right, it is the seven-letter four-letter word. I hope this lets up on you for this weekend and you can continue to have not only good, but better days.

  9. Fatigue coupled with sleep apnea and occasional insomnia…my kids “Boy” and “Girl”) can sleep until noon, and get up and tell me they are tired, I just want to slap them.

  10. It sounds weird, but you might find aspirin helps with fatigue. [http://tinyurl.com/9oyrk] I’ve been on Provigil for a few years with great success, but when I need a little boost, aspirin seems to give it to me.

  11. Doug Lee-Knowles,
    Thanks! I think I definitely foresee that in my future since I have had such bad luck with Provigil!

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