Oct 092005

We have flown up to PA again (MDMHVonPA: What the heck with all the rain, I almost need an ark!!!) and it reminded me of the first time flying with Rebif. Going through airport security I thought that the needles were going to be a big hassle, but quite to the contrary it was a non-event. I was displeased with them going through the X-Ray machine, but other than that they cared less (of course now I hear that they will allow security to just visually check them, but I don’t care). I think deep down I would probably like to have them refuse the Rebif so I can have a good excuse to take a couple of days off, though I know I’d pay for that later. Surprisingly the whole family made it through security without any probing, which hasn’t always been the case for my son (do they really know about his propensity to wage Jihad on the plumbing system through the use of covertly placed toys going down the potty? 😉

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  1. Hmmm, radioactive Rebiff. Now if Hulk can go from being paralyzed to a raging green meenie, perhaps this would help!? http://www.bryanshulkpage.com/Episode_Guide/Season4/#hardertheyfall

    As for the rain, well, it did not rain at all last month. You must have brought this with you!

  2. Hi Erik,
    I hope the rain has finally stopped for you. I am out looking for new reads to add to my site. My Neurologist is almost certain I have MS. My symtoms are left side of the body related except the tremors that are arms and legs. I drag my left leg when I walk and now my left knee wants to buckle when I walk. I had an MRI 2 weeks ago. They are doing a neuron testing end of this month. We should know for sure October 31. I am a stay at home navy wife of 3 kids. Age 35 =)
    Hugs JenniferD

  3. mdmhvonpa,
    Hmm, the Hulk didn’t make me feel better, but maybe the radioactive rebif could turn my into one of the fantastic 4. I vote Mr. Fantastic!

    I guess it is plausible that I brought the rain with me from Houston. Regradless, I accept no responsibilty. 😉 At least we have street lights in TX so I can see the road when it is raining.

  4. JenniferD,
    Sorry to hear that. Certainly an unpleasant diagnosis, especially for a SAHM with 3 kids. On the other hand, after the initial shock and some inherent changes are made, there is a wonderful life to be lived even with MS. Plus nothing like 3 kids to help keep your mind off of the MS! 😉

  5. Hi Erik,
    I enjoyed your tag at my site in regards to your MRI experience. It is a strange procedure and the click click noise gets under your skin. I had to be sedated with pills because I have a really hard time keeping still (tremors) you should see me in a dentist chair the whole chair rocks. You know what they did for me at my MRI? They put a nice warm towel over my eyes and it helped. Along with a lot of blankets. I still have one more crown to do (I am pacing myself) just cannot stand that smell of tooth smoke. Today pieces of my tooth actually flew out of my mouth along with the smoke. Very upsetting. Hope all is well for you today I have enjoyed your site and will be a regular here.

  6. Lights? We don’t got no lights. WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING LIGHTS!

    Seat of the pants and a bible on the dash-board.

  7. hi erik my name is tony morris and i just found out i have ms it is not the best anwser but it could be much worse so i guess im very lucky that i have a lot of support my loving wife and lots of friends oh ya im taking rebif and the side affects suck i look foward hearing from you

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