Oct 192005

In the boring MS news column the (some) of the genes related to MS have been located. Research that leads to further research that may lead to something beneficial isn’t exactly Earth shattering. On the other hand I’m glad that they’ve identified the (some) of the genes involved in MS. Now what I’d really like to see is an awesome oral treatment – but I guess I’ll still have to wait.

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  8 Responses to “Multiple Sclerosis Gene Cluster Pinpointed”

  1. One step at a time, right???

    You did not tell me you posted!

  2. Yeah, most of that sort of news is boring, but I’m glad there are people who are willing to do the boring work, which will someday benefit us non-boring types.

  3. Maybe the work is fun, but reading about it certainly doesn’t get me all excited.

  4. I’m still stuck on that Damn Viking Gene. Arr, what’s in your DNA!?

  5. It all boils down to the Lutefisk doesn’t it. The tainting of some of the genes. I remember when we used to wear our jeans until they fell off our bodies. Now we bleach them to get the same effect. Will we never learn!

  6. So it all boils down to the Lutefisk after all.

  7. Well ain’t that something! My machine did not show that my comment of yesterday posted so I did the precis version today. Go figure!

  8. Mouse,
    Not your fault. The site was moving between hosting companies yet again and the site wasn’t in synch for a brief period. For once it was my fault and not Bloggers! 😉

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