Oct 082005

We watched the documentary My Flesh and Blood a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Not to say it wasn’t a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Certainly put the Multiple Sclerosis in perspective. On the other hand it was a fresh reminder that regardless of the circumstances, and the difficulties that come up in life, that there is a wonderful life out there to be lived, and that the time we are alloted is precious.

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  1. What a great update…there is a life out there to be had! Glad to see the blues have left you! The hard part now is how do you keep it going! If you find an answer to that one we will have to crown you king!
    Keep smiling

  2. “My Flesh and Blood” was one of the most memorable and well made films…It is utterly simple and beautiful in it’s presentation of a remarkable family…Truely, it change my life. How can we EVER complain about anything? We watch TV and see people in Hollywood divorcing eachother after 2 weeks. That’s enough of my soapbox…It’s really great to see someone who appreciated this film…Take care.

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