Oct 252005

Apparently I have been wrong this whole time about Glyconutrients. If only Stacy would have commented earlier I would have avoided all of these embarrassing mistakes about Glyconutirents and their importance for Multiple Sclerosis. I simply cannot refute her rock solid logic of: “You absolutely cannot refute that people with MS have problems with their glycoproteins.” and “It’s nutritional not medicinal.” Regardless consider this my official change of position: I will not longer be taking Rebif or any other drug and will switch completely to Mannatech’s Ambrotose. I am sorry for the confusion and skepticism as well as slandering glyconutrients and their health benefits. I urge everyone else to take this critical dietary supplement too!!! I will soon post a link on my site so you can order your supplements directly from me since I will be a registered Mannatech representative.

I wrote the previous part yesterday, but there was an interesting development today. I was in company sponsored CPR class today (would I really provide life saving activities on someone who causes me so much work, hmmmm). The instructor was really nice and did a great job. While I was taking my test I noticed that his canvas bag was embroidered with Mannatech. Definitely got a laugh as I thought: oh my gosh they are following me to work! I hung behind after class to ask him about the bag, and he confirmed that he does sell the stuff. While he did extol their virtues (the exact party line I’ve heard a 100x’s) he said he doesn’t really push the stuff – even though it works so great for him. He said he has a very successful business and doesn’t need to sell the stuff, but does to give it to friends. I told him I’d been presented many times with their products, but left off the reason (MS). He tacked on somewhere in the conversation that they work really well on 11 autoimmune diseases (I didn’t volunteer that I had one). Regardless, I just listened and smiled since I approached him and he was nice and not pushy. Overall, I have no problem with the Mannatech people except that they go out of there way to pester me – go figure. 😉

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  1. An interesting link when I fed a search term that some people use to hit my site (though my site didn’t show up – go figure):

  2. Erik, I’ll be checking back often. It is always good to see how others battle this affliction. Peace of God and health be with you always!

  3. We are watchingggg youuuuuu….

  4. SinnerSaint,
    Thanks – and may the Lord bless you! At least by reading you’ll get to say: I’m not as whacked out as Erik. 😉

  5. That is funny!! Where do these people find us? Take care!

  6. Y E S ! I made it to your blog!! WHOO HOO 🙂 That was my whole intention! AND you didn’t find anything to argue with me about! I know…you’re hiding your defeat in sarcasm but THAT is OK my friend! LOL

    I really would like to find a time to chat online with you… AOLIM, perhaps? Would you like to setup a time? It’s much easier to discuss this intellectually when it’s back and forth and not so one-sided from either one of us. And I even give you full permission to copy/paste our entire IM in your blog. I know all your friends would get a kick out of it!

    Remember, I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’d just like to point out some of the assumptions you have made about glyconutrients as being worthy of reconsideration.

    You have certainly done your fair share of googling the negative beliefs that you share about glycos but I wonder if you have truly grasped the truth behind what glycoscience is showing to be a huge potential. There are so many things wrong with ratbags.com ‘s site that I can’t even begin to point them all out. And I really don’t have the time to get into it with someone else but I’d LOVE to hook up with you 😉 (don’t get too excited, though! It’s only to talk about glycos and to hear you out…but I’d expect the same respect, please.)

    Wanna chat sometime?

    I’ll watch for the answer on your blog…and believe me…if you say it is OK, you will definitely recognize my IM screen name.

    Blessings, my friend.

  7. Stacy,
    Sure – though I don’t see the point. I’m really not interested in glyconutrients, which means I’m not going to do any in depth research that I would do on something I am willing to take. I seriously doubt an IM session will change anything.

    I didn’t address the logic because I have discussed it all in the past – plus I really don’t care that much.

    In reality I am not anti-glyconutrients. I am anti-getting pestered all the time because I’m not on board. This applies the same way to the militant LDN people.

    I’m also not anti-alternative treatments. I currently take fish oil and Evening Primrose Oil. Though I will probably consolidate on flaxseed oil. Among many other things.

    Let me finish my current block of classes, which I already don’t have the energy for – let alone an IM session. We can revisit this in about a week.

    As far as Googling for the negative stories on GN’s that isn’t true. It’s just that you can’t run a search for the product w/o hitting a ton of negative items.

    What I liked about Ratbags was not necessarily the site, but this one quote:
    “So are you saying anything that has to do with nutritional supplements is a scam?”
    No. I am saying that multi-level marketing is a scam. The fact that Mannatech products are useless and have no nutritional value is icing on the cake.

    Also, if you don’t sell Mannatech products then what is your WAHM career?

  8. Hey Erik! I understand (truthfully) about the difficulty in finding a time to IM. I just thought it would be easier. I also totally understand about someone not being ‘interested’ in glyconutrients. That’s totally fine. And I will readily admit that I haven’t been reading your blog very long so I don’t know how many past posts have been regarding glycos.

    However, my only desire to continue the ‘conversation’ is based on the energy I get from your blog. You just seem SO negative against glycos and I wanted to offer any help I could that might show you that glycos are NOT placebo (although they are SUGARS, hence the humor in calling them ‘sugar pills’) and are worthy of considering and for you to maybe lighten up on the people who are contacting you about them. I think you are unfairly attacking people for sharing their enthusiasm and are labeling them all as being more interested in money than in truly wanting to share something with you that might help. In fact, as I am typing this…I realize THIS is why I wanted to write you. I know the feeling of being accused of sharing glycos with people for the sole purpose of making a sale and it just feels yucky to be misinterpreted.

    OK…the MLM aspect. Yes, it’s a sticky one. It’s one that is still ‘alternative’ (to use a term relative to this whole situation). But MLM companies are legit and lawful and have MANY MANY regulations that must be followed. Trust me, there are lots of agencies that are keeping close watch on Mannatech and would love nothing more than for them to fall on their face but, the science has been solid and the business practices are totally legit and lawful.

    Truth is…when someone is making money AFTER YOU BELIEVE (catch that point) in something they told you, it is certainly IMPORTANT TO QUESTION THE MOTIVE! That’s EXACTLY why I question drugs (rx and otc) and doctors (who are trained so many times by rx reps) and the list goes on… (I even question my kids’ school fundraisers!)

    You asked, what about what I am doing as a WAHM… You said, “If you’re not selling Mannatech products…” First, I invite you to browse back through my posts and see what I wrote. I said, “I’m not trying to sell YOU any products.” Go ahead….chuckle 🙂 Now please continue reading…

    I actually have a “doula” business (couples hire me to coach them through natural childbirth — I’m not a midwife/nurse/OB or anything medical, just a childbirth encourager and ‘coach’ of sorts.) I also, as a Mannatech Associate, receive checks from Mannatech whenever I refer new Associates to them. Of course, with MLM companies, the downline effect kicks in and when those people I enroll in turn enroll others, my income can increase.

    So yes…I get paid by Mannatech for telling others about their products.

    HOWEVER…anyone who knocks MLM just for the sake of knocking it doesn’t really understand or has been duped by an illegal MLM (and those don’t stay in business very long). I have learned this through a slow process because I first thought MLM was only possible like Amway (yech — sorry). I thought it was a ‘hook-em up and sell’em on stuff and make money blah blah blah.’ I HATE (and I RARELY use that word) the way Amway-ers in my community do business. Very sneaky and horrible.

    Gosh…I’m getting long-winded…long-story short(er): When Mannatech got started, there wasn’t much time that had passed and very little science had been ‘completed’ and very little experiences had been observed. Pretty much the begining Mannatechers were kinda Amway-ish. They saw a new technology and the potential to make lots of money. There were some big problems with this and some enemies were made.

    However (trying to keep this short) it has become VERY clear that Mannatech isn’t an easy, get-rich-quick kind of business. There are WAY too many critics (like yourself 🙂 that make it difficult to just go out there and make lots of money. So who is actually making money???? It’s the people who have had incredible health improvements who become passionate about what has happened in their lives or in the lives of people they know (friend of sister of cousin of neighbor….you know) and then they go out there and start telling the world. YES, there are MANY (MANY MANY MANY) who become over-excited and emotional and start spouting off stuff they don’t quite understand. And when these people bump into people like you….Erik….believe it or not….they truly want to offer something they believe to be helpful.

    So, my motive in writing you is to encourage you to soften up on these associates. If you want to say ‘no’ to glycos, that is certainly your choice. If you want to be frustrated with people who don’t truly understand your plight and who ignorantly make statements to you about what glycos might do for you….I understand! Try looking at them through merciful eyes, though and see them as being caring and not money-grubbing because I can assure you….”CARING” is the case most of the time.

    And lastly, please consider again that glycos might actually offer your body some nutrition that could provide some very positive benefits (just like water to a dehydrated person). The science truly is there. No, there hasn’t been a double-blind placebo controlled blah blah blah related to MS and Ambrotose. However, if MS sufferers KNOW that their problems are related to the surface of some of their cells and SCIENTISTS KNOW that the surface of EVERY cell is coated in sugar-proteins (glycoproteins) then MAYBE, just MAYBE you can see why SOME MS SUFFERERS have improved when they have begun ingesting a glyconutritional supplement.

    I will keep up with your progress and will be watching to see if you ever want to ‘pick a fight’ (JK) with a Mannatecher.

    My true wish and prayer for you (and I’m not just saying that, I am praying for you as soon as I click “publish”) is that your heart and mind will be opened to whatever God chooses to answer your prayers.

    Blessings my friend,

  9. bla bla bla bla bla bla

    Man people so don’t know when to quit do they?

  10. Followed thread and found this by

    so what’s the truth?
    God speed
    -a concerned MS’er

    25 THE SKEPTIC Vol 20, No 4
    … Some of the pseudoscience offered sounds convincing.
    For example, distributors of Mannatech
    gyconutritionals talk about ‘cell-to-cell communication’,
    and imply that it can’t occur without their products.
    They discuss eight known monosaccharides and proceed
    to claim that only two of them – glucose and
    galactose – are included in nutrition texts because the
    other six are not overly abundant in today’s typical
    modern diet. In fact, the monosaccharides Mannatech
    claim as essential components of their expensive supplements
    are produced in the body during the normal
    metabolism of carbohydrates and its conversion to a
    source of energy. There is current research into the value
    of certain oligosaccharides, especially those found in
    breast milk, but there is currently no known advantage
    of supplying monosaccharides ready-made in supplements.
    The vast amount of printed and website material that
    accompanies these supplements sounds convincing and
    the founder of the laboratories that makes Mannatech
    products has a PhD in immunology and microbiology
    (although not nutrition). I have no doubt he believes in
    his supplements, but none have been subjected to properly
    controlled clinical trials published in regular
    peer-reviewed journals. Some are published in journals
    put together by like-minded people where studies have
    not use a placebo control or been double blind. The sales
    material may contain a formidable list of references, but
    if you examine these, most relate to statements of the
    type ‘the incidence of diabetes is increasing in Australia’
    or even a general review of oligosaccharides. They do
    not relate to the use of the supplement in question.
    I noticed that at least one of the authorities quoted
    for Mannatech products claims to be a member of the
    American Association of Nutritional Consultants. So
    was my late old English sheepdog, for whom I filled
    out the necessary name and address and paid the required
    fee some years ago.
    For some products, sales people have been convinced
    by someone higher up the multi-level marketing
    chain that studies have been done. For example, capsules
    containing Juice Plus freeze-dried fruit and
    vegetable extracts were promoted in Australia with
    quotes from the American Medical Review, which the
    product distributors no doubt believed was a valid
    source of information. The ‘studies’ quoted to the sales
    people gave no details of the subjects, the methodology,
    the actual results or the name(s) of the researchers.
    It may sound authentic, but there is no such real journal.
    The same distributors were also given proof in the
    form of results of a pilot study on 15 people, with one
    of the researchers being a principal of the company selling
    the supplement. It was a particularly poor study
    with no control group, no blinding of researchers or
    participants and proved nothing except that the researchers
    did not seem to realise they would need to
    examine the participants’ diets. Had any of them eaten
    a meal containing tomato paste or carrots, the results
    claimed would have been invalid. Those who publish
    material in the journal in question-Current Therapeutics
    Research – also pay a publication fee per page printed.
    The JuicePlus product contains added vitamins, and
    as such may have some value, although regular vitamins
    cost only a fraction of the JuicePlus product. There
    is no evidence the supplement has enough fruits and
    vegetables to provide an alternative to the real thing.

  11. Anonymous,
    Thanks! Interesting article.

  12. Stacy,
    I guess let the IM smack down begin! 😉

  13. Oh, I just LOVE people who are so proud of what they say that they post it ANONYMOUSLY 🙂

    Fact: There are processes within the body that CAN produce these saccharides when needed. However, that is ONLY IF other nutrients are in the body and other mechanisms are working properly and even then, the process is VERY tiresome for the body. If you’re really interested, I can dig up the glycosylation process that can convert some of the more abundant sugars to some of the lesser abundant sugars. It is a VERY complicated and difficult process and only occurs when the body isn’t fighting off other issues (toxins mainly). It also occurs best when the person already had proper cellular structure through a healthy, full-term pregnancy and through breastfeeding. God totally intended for our bodies to be breastfed for many years of life (probably at least 2 years…science has proven there are health benefits through that year at least…studies haven’t run past that time frame). Sooooo, if a breastfed adult who eats a full-serving of healthy fruits and veggies every day is missing a few of the sugars for some reason, YES, his body will make those sugars easily. However, how many people do you know who FIT that profile?

    Have you ever noticed how tired you can be after eating? Guess what your body is doing? It is using up energy SEARCHING YOUR FOOD for the nutrients needed. Imagine how much more energy you would have if the nutrients were readily available and the body wasn’t having to ‘make do’ with a terrible situation.

    RE: the founding scientist not being a nutritionist. RIGHT. He studies cells and what makes them work right. He found out that they needed (among many other things) glyconutrients.

    There are SO many acclaimed SCIENTISTS studying these sugars that is mind blowing (www.ccrc.uga.edu to name ONLY ONE). THIS IS NEW! But they are quickly finding that MANY of our disease conditions are completely related to sugar problems.

    Sooooo, what happens when someone puts these sugars back in the body? Sugars we WOULD get in nature if we ate like our early ancestors? Well…we’re finding out. Very good things are happening.

    Lack of double-blind placebo controlled studies? Don’t worry….they’re coming. THEY TAKE TIME. If one was completed in 6 months, you’d be picking your fights over how short the time frame was. There are MANY case studies being published and all state, MORE RESEARCH NEEDS TO BE DONE BUT THINGS ARE LOOKING INCREDIBLE!

    Just an interesting fact….we’re nearing the end of 2005 and all those critical things out there in cyberspace are dated 2000 and before. Anyone noticed that? It’s because it’s getting harder and harder to pick apart the science. Mannatech is getting STRONGER over time….not weaker. With more time, you’ll have even LESS to gripe about….unless maybe you’ll be complaining about the growing number of people who are supporting Mannatech.

    “That” article being quoted would never be able to be written by anyone reputable today. The studies ARE being conducted. The Mannatech researchers KNOW that people (some) want to see more science. Heck, SOME people want to have a 100% money back guarantee that they won’t get hit by a bus today if they walk out their door!

    Did you know scientists working at the Mannatech labs are actually able to earn their doctorates there?? Also, did you know that there are CEU credits being given to doctors and healthcare professionals who take courses provided by Mannatech doctors regarding glycoscience? Are THEY really a bunch of hucksters if they can legally do that? Also, is REALLY a surprise that the early years showed much research from Mannatech itself? THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES FOCUSING ON THIS SCIENCE FROM A NUTRITIONAL POINT AT THAT TIME! DUH…..that’s what makes it pioneering! NO ONE ELSE WAS DOING IT! So were they supposed to write letters to Dear Abby to encourage other scientists to start studying it too before they published their own research? Don’t be ridiculous! If YOU “Mr. Anonymous” made a discovery today in a new field of study, wouldn’t it make sense that you would be one of the first researchers to be published!?

    That’s cause for a big loud, DUH 🙂

    Erik, of course, all of that was to “Mr. Anonymous”. To YOU I look forward to a lovely and friendly conversation on the IM. Hopefully tonight 🙂

    OH, lastly, we are DEFINITELY NOT “JuicePlus+” and I personally don’t even want to be considered in the same category.

  14. I just have a simple question about Glyconutrients. Doesn’t Mannatech claim that they are sort of a “cure all” supplement? I was actually recommended them for immune support to help strengthen my ability to fight off the cold/flu/etc. But in doing some research on supplements for MS (my sister was just diagnosed), it seems the logic is that immune enhancing supplement, anti-oxidants, and other substances that tend to boost Tcell responses show negative effects in MS patients. So my question boils down to… How can glyconutrients be good for both immune system enhancement and for improving MS?? Just doesn’t add up to me but I’m totally open to an explanation if there is one.


  15. Anonymous,
    Well that is like preaching to the choir. 😉 My opinion, based on similar research that Mannatech seems to use, is that it is snake oil – very expensive snake oil.

    I seem to recall reading where it used to be marketed as a cure for HIV/AIDS, but you don’t see that anymore!

  16. Hi There,
    I just happened to do a google search looking up information on GlycoNutrients and people with MS. I was diagnosed with R/R MS in 1997 and unfortunately, being on Rebif now since Novemeber 05 hasn’t been helping slow down the progression of the MS. I am now at the Secondary Progressive Stage of MS, and unfortunately, I have tried all the other MS injectables over the last 9 years with no noticable improvement. I am very interested in more information that you could share with me in regard to what Products you are taking. My sister, who is a CNA, called to ask me if I ever looked into GlycoNutrients, and unfortunately, I had to tell her that I had NOT. I am a retired Medical Assistant at the age of now 36 and I just want my Life back the way it used to be, or close to the way it used to be. I have two sons and I would like to be able to take my loving dog for walks instead of having him pull me via from a wheelchair as I take him for short walks. Please try to help me and lead me in the right path.
    In God’s Loving Arms I Thank You for your Blog.
    God Bless you and Yours,
    Tammy in Wisconsin

    not sure if I can do this or not, but here is my email address…


  17. tazzygirl,
    I have a decidedly anti-glyconutrient bent in that I don’t think they will help. On the other hand I don’t think they will hurt. In the end I could easily get desperate enough to try anything, including glyconutirents, to see if it would help.

    What I do take:

    * B100
    * multi-vitamin
    * Ginko-Bilboa
    * Evening Primrose Oil
    * Rebif

    What I would take if I got desperate enough (and desperate enough depends on the individaul), in no particular order:

    * Glyconutrients/Ambrotose
    * Bee-Venom Therapy
    * Probiotics
    * Acupuncture
    * Therapeutic Massage (I don’t like massage. Though, this would probably be a normal item for Eriksgirl if she had MS 😉
    * Chiropractics
    * Homeopathy
    * Etc. (Anything I could find)

  18. I dont get this blog …In the beginning you say you where wrong and that Glyconutrients are the answer and then in your later posts you have changed your mind again. Is it just one big joke or am i reading this wrong..?

  19. glyconutrients is a made up term….glycoproteins is not. they are not the same thing! but I am sure the made up term ‘glyconutrients’ get many to think mannatech is worth the expensive price they sell them for. it is a MLM, plain and simple….and their are better supplements out there, non MLM, that can help those with MS. Beware people of anyone ever saying ‘cure’ or convincing you a single supplement can do it all. these people who sell this crap, should be ashamed.

    read Dr. Ray Shelian’s work. and be very wary. for some reason there seems to also be some link with religion and mannatech distributors. the bottom line has nothing to do with health and all about profit. how sad and shameful. one question. when you have average Jo selling you your supplements, what do you do when you have a legitimate health concern….or any contraindication? who do you go to?

  20. Just came across this website on glyconutrients.

    I’m curious on your thoughts. It’s called http://www.gotsugars.com

  21. The information they have really does allow people to get glyconutrients cheaper than everyone else.


  22. Hi Erik, have you not written on your blog since ’05?? i’d love to know how the glyconutrients are going for you. i just started taking them today and am hoping they will help me out. nothing else has worked for me so i have nothing to lose.

    Good luck!

  23. Just wanted to say that when I first found out I had MS I was looking into the glyconutrients as well. Decided not to try it for now. I have heard people with MS swear by the stuff but for me changing my diet has helped me tremendously!!! No side effects except that I lost some weight plus feel 100 times better and not fatigued!

  24. Well, just a thought… Rather than buying the expensive mannatech product, there is a lot of info on the net about herbs and glyconutrients, and so I am making my own glyconutrients and adding sulfur, the magic ingredient to which gives all the nutrients the catalyst into the cells, and makes the cells walls permeable. I personally cured my MS by naturally treating my Lymes when I came down with it, and it cured my MS. Called the MS foundation, and they said that they believed that MS and Lymes were different manifestations of the same spirokete… A parasite… I am vegan, drank a quart of tea a day designed to rid the body of parasites, I took colloidal silver, 1 t. every two hours during the day for 2 months, drank charcoal water at night to counteract the die off of the parasites, herbs to keep my bowels moving, GSE, 10 drops 4 times a day, quit eating simple sugars, refined and processed foods, all wheat products (even whole wheat that was organic, pastas made from any wheat), except sourdough breads (bread with instant yeast destroys the good bacteria in the colon, which brings down our bodies ability to fight and causes candida to run wild) switched to sourdough breads with healthy yeast (this healthy bacteria breaks down the high proteins of the wheat of today, and makes the gluten digestible), took two teaspoons applesider vinegar (raw and organic, with the mother in it) morning and evening in my juice, and take my home made glyconutrients with sulfur added, in a fruit smoothie. I also did very hot baths with cool water/ice on my head raising my temp to a false fever a couple of times a week… It helped kill off the parasites. But make sure you have someone overseeing and helping and monitoring them… I was very weak afterwards and had to have help during, and afterwards to get out and into a bed to rest. I also did things to remove fluoride, chlorine and bromine from our water supply. I had water filters for drinking, and there are shower heads that can be purchased so we are not showering in these health destroying things! (BTW– almost all bread sold on the market has bromine in it… Hidden in the term, dough conditioners.). Anyway, that’s what I did. I am not a doctor, so I am not prescribing or recommending this for you. I am only sharing what I did. Blessing and prayers for all as we strive for health.

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