Sep 292005

Well back on the antidepressants. This time I’m (we’re) giving Wellbutrin XL a try to see if it works out better than Zoloft. Zoloft side effects were unpleasant, and I’m certainly glad that there is something another drug to try, but still not too excited. I always thought that antidepressants were like a magic bullet and returned people back to their former selves, or maybe even happier selves. Sadly this has not been my experience. While it does make me a ton better than what I was (and is preferable in that sense), it does introduce a skew in my personality – a 3rd Erik (as opposed to normal and depressed). Many days I wonder if the “normal Erik” days are gone and just a distant memory – and maybe have become my “good ‘ol days”!

  4 Responses to “What’s it going to be then, eh?”

  1. If the Zoloft wasn’t working then it’s a good thing you are off it. Wellbutin may or may not do the trick, eh? Life is kind of like a roller coaster with ups and downs. The downs help you to really appreciate the ups when you get back there. And you will get back there! I am rootin’ for you!

  2. Hrmmm, I’ve never gone to the extreme of using antidepressants … I’m just too stubborn to let my mental-hygiene be left to most likely more capable hands/devices. In any event, I certainly hope this works for you even if you are not quite the same as you started. Lesser of two evils, no?

  3. Mouse,
    Zoloft was working – just side effects weren’t good. 🙁

  4. mdmhvonpa:
    I certainly wish it was merely something I could will myself not to need. Such is not my lot – though not for lack of trying. 😉

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