Sep 082005

I suppose the age old dilemma: am I tired from fatigue, MS, or both. For some reason I feel the compulsive need to live as if I am a teenager, and can pull of repeated nights of marginal sleep. Naps are wasted on the young!

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  1. I think my body thinks the same things. Maybe it’s the Rebif? I’m only sleeping through the night every four days. Grr.

  2. Yeah – I am nocturnal this time of year (UK) because it is too hot to do much during the day and have constant MS-migraine-like-headaches.

    Ages ago, I decided to sleep when my body told me it needed to. I left full time work in 2000. I used to be a programmer…


  3. I feel the need to do that too. What really sucks is I have to get up with the birds and oh yeah my 4 kids. Maybe it is the REbif???

  4. Well I finally got enough sleep, and still remain fatigued. Fatigue is the worst!

  5. Is it fatigue or is it lassitude???

  6. Both. Suffering from definite fatigue, but also suffering from lack of motivation – which is typically a sign of depression for me. 🙁

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