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OK, this isn’t exactly fresh news, as it has been reported by others, but it has been suggested that there is a Norwegian Gene causing MS. Personally, I have a very strong Norwegian line; and look much more Viking than German (my other, and stronger, ancestry). As much as I would like to blame my Norwegian ancestors I do not think it is a genetic link. On the other hand I blame their freakish eating of Lutefisk, which has certainly significantly damaged the family line. I know my grandmother partook of this horrible concoction, so it definitely isn’t that far removed. It couldn’t possible be healthy, and is probably neurotoxic; multi-generational neuro-toxic!!! 😉 I fully concur with the quote: “Lutefisk is the Norwegians’ attempt at conquering the world. When they discovered that viking raids didn’t give world supremacy, they invented a meal so terrifying, so cruel, that they could scare people to become one’s subordinates.” Ugh, or should I say Uff da!

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  1. Thanks Erik. This is a fascinating subject. The awful things our ancestors ate, and some of their descendents eat to pay homage to them. It sounds dangerous and disgusting to boot. But it takes the weight off the offal things that the Scottish eat to salute their ancestors (although we are related in the long run, eh)
    This is apparently a misguided attempt to make a link:)

  2. Haggis certainly is bad, but I still vote that Lutefisk is worse! 🙁

  3. Hello Erik~~

    I just found the comment you left on my blog and had no clue that you also had MS. I just read a little through your blog. How are u doing on The REbif as you know I just started. I hope you are doing good on it!!!!

  4. Interesting… Well, hey, check this out…

    Much Christian love and God bless!!

  5. Betcha did’nt know that they had a lutefisk hungry-man meal. Sold only in Minnesota, of course.

  6. Lutefisk hungry man?? Yikes. I think I just went on a virtual diet. *laughs*



    It’s near Glenwood …. My Mom’s home town and where 50% of my relatives now live.

  8. I, too, have seen, smelled, and observed people actually eating lutefisk at a Swede Christmas gathering I used to go to. I myself never partook. Now, give me some prune whip with vanilla custard and I can’t say no.

    Wow. Maybe we need to pay the government to study the possibility that lutefisk causes MS. What if they discovered that it was the CURE.

  9. Hey, Eric…..
    It’s me…..the Scattergories/Taboo queen from Anson. Am enjoying your blog. I have a friend in Anson with MS and have told her to check out this site.


  10. Lynna,

    It’s great to have you reading!!! We have to get together when we are down, and maybe, just maybe all of our scores combined will beat yours!


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