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My “get up and go” has been gone for quite some time. Coupled with ongoing fatigue I managed to skip 3 consecutive injections. I suppose my taking them right before bed is not the best choice if you’re suffering from a lack of motivation and fatigue. This was also a record number of skipped injections for me, which meant I knew when I resumed that I was going to have the “flu-like symptoms” again.

On Saturday, I decided to bite the bullet and resume the Rebif. I decided to take it in the morning so the chills didn’t interfere with my precious sleep! 😉 I guess nothing like a blazing hot summer day to keep the chills away because they never came. Unfortunately, six hours after the injection my hands got very stiff and I got mild vertigo/dizziness. I blamed it on the fact that I had done some physical work helping some friends load some furniture in their truck. I thought all would be fine when I got back in my car and get cooled off with the AC. Quite to my dismay that did not happen, and when I got home I was was running a 100.4 degree fever. Well that certainly explained the vertigo and hand stiffness. Unfortunately, 600mg of Ibuprofen didn’t really help at all, and it took another 6 hours to get back to normal. Hopefully no more skipping 3 consecutive injections! I have trouble remembering the initial days with the Rebif, but I’m guessing this was on par with those!

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  1. Sorry about the aches and pains during the day but how did you sleep? Skipping 3 probably worsened that initial malaise. Does taking the injection in the morning give you a better night’s sleep? Perhaps one day of trial is not enough to make a determination eh? May your work day be a good one.

  2. I slept fine, like normal. I don’t normally have a problem with injections and sleep unless I skip 2+ injections or have too much milk that day. Either one results in chills that will wake me up and disrupt my sleep. Since I knew this was coming, and I’ve already been so tired and sleep deprived I didn’t want to exacerbate the sleep issue by waking up for 30-60 minutes with the chills. Should be back to the grind now, and just wait for the fatigue to go away.

  3. I am glad that you got some sleep sorry about the Rebif side effects..been on it for 2 weeks..but on a small dose 2night will be my first 22mcg injection which I do for 1 month then to the 44mcg. I hope the side effects will be nice…TAke it easy and don’t overdo nie to yourself..and take care of yourself!!!

  4. At least you did not have “lutefisk-like symptoms”!

  5. Its sounds like your having a great time with refib! I look forward to keeping my tea/coffee hot without the walk to to the kitchen! Sleep is important to me too! So I am going to fight this till the docs say its time for me! I just hope I dont heat my pint in the mean time!
    Keep well big man!

  6. doesn’t sound like fun! I know about the motivation thing. Sorry.

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