Aug 142005

I was already in an awful mood from 3g of Solu-Medrol already and none too keen on yet another dose. In walks the home health nurse to give me my fourth dose since I couldn’t leave the IV line in more than 3 days. Of course the nurse asks if I am a hard stick – which they always do but it is like they’re setting themselves up for failure. I decide to veer away from my normal answer of no one has ever missed – which is true – and just said that I have very good veins. Apparently I should have stuck with my default answer. Personally, I don’t know how anyone could miss on me because I have huge veins, which are close to the surface, and don’t roll. This time it was even better than normal because the vein was easily sticking up at least 1cm over the skin. Apparently that was not good enough and 3 attempts later, and with much digging around under the skin, she finally gets the IV going. I guess she was just having a bad night – but why me and why on a day when I was definitely not in the mood???

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  1. And this is EXACTLY why I have a thing about needles and getting my blood drawn. I’m just nausious thinking about it!

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