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Well maybe the article isn’t completely off-topic, but pretty close. I remember when Eriksgirl worked for the neurologist she noted that if someone got diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy they were almost always an elementary school teacher. Certainly not a neuro-degenerative disease, but still interesting; I guess large numbers of other people’s young children must be neuro-toxic. This kinda boils down to my point: as I’ve said before I’ve noticed a lot of computer professionals with MS. This makes me suspect that lusers asking their questions is neuro-toxic; and/or Microsoft is neuro-toxic (though the later is probably just a given). On the plus side I think I’ll stick with MS then with some of the others! 😉

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  1. Interesting stuff indeed! I have always had it in my head, and I’m very stubborn, that MS is caused by a virus or bacteria. I can now associate other degenerative neurological disorders with this theory. Teachers, hairdressers, clergy all have dealings with multitudes of people on a regular basis and are therefore exposed to lots of virus and bacteria. Oh no, now I’ve got to include sales clerks, bus drivers, and policemen/women, etc., on this list. I guess we’re really all in the same boat on the same sea eating the same toxic fish. Except for you Texans, of course, who are eating mad beef:)
    It’s a good thing I’m not a doctor eh?

  2. Heh … Definately lusers … definately. Unix questions however, can be answered with the standard RTFM and thus prevent any lengthy interfaces with said questioneers.

  3. Don’t you both know that MS is in your head? DUH! It’s caused by insanity, bu-wah-ha-ha! [insert Count Dracula style laugh here].

  4. RTFM indeed! I think most of my lusers have no idea what the “M” is and it is questionable if they can “R”. I suppose the joys of Windoze SysAdmin job security

  5. Michelle,
    I can’t tell if your post is a pun or not. Indeed my MS is “all in my head!” 😉 (Certainly the CNS, but at least mostly in my head! 😉

  6. That’s funny! How about both!

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