Aug 152005

Well apparently I misplaced the blame for not being called back last week by Dr. Hopson. On finally making into into the room, due to some mishap I may never understand, he said that he had gotten all of my messages but was “busy.” I fail to see how he was too busy to make a 5 minute phone call back to explain why he had prescribed an unprecedented level (at least with me) of Solu-Medrol (5g). He tried to explain the dosage today that he prescribes 5g when it should only be a one month regiment (though that has never been his practice before). Then, on reviewing my chart, says that I have never responded to one month of treatment, and he’ll order two more rounds. Which all basically means that he didn’t review my chart before prescribing the Solu-Medrol, which I would tend to label as negligent. In the very least he cannot keep his story straight.

From there it actually managed to get worse. As he was flipping through my chart he said that all of my current problems manifested after my last visit. This was immediately clarified that I was having problems last time (6/21/2005) it just didn’t warrant Solu-Medrol. He then clarified that his notes showed that I was not having any problems. Which means that he isn’t documenting my case at an even remotely acceptable level. This certainly at least borders on gross negligence. Ugh.

The move to a new neurologist has been coming for a long time. Maybe I should be thankful that he has made the decision very easy. I guess his incompetent staff comes by it honestly. Fortunately we had met another neurologist (Dr. Ronald Bell) a while back (though for another family member) and liked him. We’ll see how that goes in about a month.

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  1. Ugh. That really sucks. Do you have to get a referral to this new doc or are you able to just request a transfer?

  2. Holy moley … either he is having personal problems and it’s being reflected in his work or he is just plain awful. Dude, good idea about getting out of his practice … alive.

  3. Kim,
    The joys of US medicine I suppose. I just called and made an appointment. I am faxing over authorization to Dr. Bell to get a copy of my medical records from Hopson – but other than that it is a done deal.

  4. Hopson has seemed to be getting worse over the last couple years that I have seen him. Though I didn’t think this bad. He’s probably ready to get rid of me anyways since I bring my kids to the appointments.

  5. Going to try LDN?

  6. No LDN. I take enough things as it is – coupled with there is the possibility that LDN could make MS much worse. There was rumor of maybe a clinical trial out of the Dallas MS clinic, but I am guessing that is dead.

  7. All of us need to be actively managing our own care like Erik. God help any of us who get too sick to keep track of our various health care professionals.

  8. Holy crap, batman. Good to hear you got a new neurologist, sounds like you needed one. P.S. I’ve got it too and just started and mostly have completed my blog entries since daignosis.

  9. Doug Lee-Knowles,
    I certainly don’t think I’m doing anything special. It certainly isn’t anything special to get fed-up with someone and fire them – though I do wish I could do that more often! 😉 There are certainly many aspects of my MS, and life in general, that are not well handled at all – but I can be anybody I want to be online! 😉

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