Aug 092005

I checked out the Maffin’s Multiple Sclerosis podcast today, and I was VERY impressed. Kim, and Tod, are definitely better speakers than I’ll ever be. Warning the file (show 2) is large at around 13MB – so beware dial-up users.

The most significant aspect of the podcast to me was the discussion of the things other people say. While I certainly don’t have anything as extreme as someone coming up with the eyes, I do have people come up and ask “How’s the MS” in their most pitiful voice and pitiful look. It makes me want to answer that I’ll be dead in a week or something equally horrible. On the other hand I think that they are fishing for bad news, for whatever sick reason, and I won’t give them the pleasure. In fact my policy is not to discuss specifics of the disease with strangers – except through the Internet (of course) or if they have a vested interest. Otherwise we’re not going to focus on a negative aspect of my life.

On a side note, though an unnecessarily painful hospital experience, Nate is home and doing well with his surgery. We’re definitely quickly heading to a family easy trek now that we’re over the hump with Nate.

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  1. Glad your son is home again. The trouble with being so young is that time seems to move too slowly. The blessing with being so young is that the healing goes really fast. Here’s to a speedy recovery for the lad.

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