Aug 192005

Even now, over two years in, I still think of Multiple Sclerosis as just a neurological disease when it is probably better thought of as a whole package of bad. Of course there are the neurological aspects, and exacerbations, and lingering disability (my hands will never be the same.) For me it’s the rest of the package that is the kick in the pants. The hassles of the doctor visits, him, and his incompetent staff; and now finding a new doctor. Taking an injection that I am growing increasingly weary – probably no explanation necessary there. Taking Solu-Medrol that is worse in itself than every exacerbation after the first one. The endless barrage of senseless things I hear from almost complete strangers – apparently not a unique experience. And on and on.

I have come to accept (as much as one can) the MS as a disease and the present and potential disability. What I am not doing well with is the kick in the pants that the MS Package presents. Maybe it just takes more time to get used to all that “additional” stuff.

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  1. In an attempt to head off the comment that is bound to appear here at some time:

    Yes, I am aware that not taking any medicine (or only your vitamin/herb/glyconutrient of choice) is an option. I am also very glad that you are doing extremely well. I am not interested in that for me at this time, and probably won’t be in the future either. And yes, I may be “laughing all the way into a wheelchair” but that is OK. 😉

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