Aug 102005

Well Dr. Hopson’s “nurse” was gone the last time I was there. Uncertain whether she was terminated or left. Regardless, his current “assistant” is obviously more of an idiot than her predecessor. Yesterday, I found out that I was getting 5g total of Solu-Medrol and historically I have only ever been given 3g total. I wanted an explanation for this as well as an antacid (Zantac) and take-down steroids – neither of which were filled. I left a message and never got a call back. So today, in a firm voice, I called again and left a message and tacked on Ambien which I had forgotten about before. Apparently she had called in the other drugs yesterday, but had failed to call me to let me know – even though I had asked for that to be done. Then she kicked it up another notch when I asked to speak to Hopson about the 5g of Solu-Medrol that was prescribed and he had never prescribed that much before. She then informed me that I was only prescribed 1g x 5 days and not 5g. Ugh! When I put it in smaller words for he she somewhat seemed to understand. Regardless, she obviously disregarded my message from Tuesday to talk to Hopson. It is bad when I am already this irritated before the high-dose steroids begin! 🙁

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  1. Hmm, guess you have to break her in, eh?

  2. It took a while to remember, but this was the same girl who told me to quit taking Zoloft when I complained about it possibly exacerbating my tremors. I told her no that was not an option and I needed to speak to Hopson. Hopeson was horrified. I desperately wish he would hire competant staff and maybe a PA to take these calls. Ugh!

  3. I see the converstation now …
    “It hurts when I breathe … gasp, wince.”
    “Stop breathing.”

  4. It is almost that bad with this chic. The saga continues today, we’ll see how it all pans out.

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