Aug 122005

Camille asked if my medication is still working. That certainly is the million dollar question. As a remarkable similarity to Heisenberg uncertainty principle I cannot simultaneously know how I would be doing off and on the drug at the same time – damn Heisenberg. The bottom line is I don’t know if the Rebif is still working but on the other hand I do think that it is working. I know I am not ever going to be exacerbation free (pending a cure or death), but the indications are that I am doing pretty well. I think this is just par for the course.

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  1. Hmmm.. isn’t rebif’s (and the other 3 drugs for that matter) just a method to slow the progression of MS? So, shouldn’t the comment be more along the lines of: CAn you imagine many many attacks you would have had if you weren’t taking it? I quetion that myself from time to time…

  2. That is true – just something to slow the progression. Far from a cure. Statistically Rebif does a pretty good job (maybe the best currently available), but on an individual level who know. I have negligable neutralizing antibodies so that makes me feel a little better. Though the cost of that test didn’t make me feel very good! 🙁

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