Aug 242005

It goes without saying that it was extremely hot in TX (100+). Unfortunately, my body was particularly sensitive to heat and work’s AC was struggling, and the office temp continued to rise. I finally bailed a little early when the temp hit 77 and continued to go up. For whatever reason the tremors have been acting up lately too, and it was certainly exacerbated when I got hot. I think it should be a state law that we be allowed to wear t-shirts and shorts to work in the summer! 😉

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  1. I should add that the tremors hit me again today pretty hard, especially during an IM session. I think I hit the backspace key more than all of the letters combined! Ugh! Of course I could have tried a different position to see if that made it better, but never tried that – I guess it was just acceptance or laziness or maybe both.

  2. Yep … it’s the heat. It gets me all tingly, shaky and dizzy … on top of fatigue. You could request a personal cooling unit … those sound interesting.

  3. so tired of the summer out here in ‘zona (Tucson, AZ). Numbness is fortunately more of a background noise, but the heat really brings me down and tired. Thank you for creating this space. I’m new to this and I desperately need to stay in touch w people w MS. gracias

  4. almodiva,
    The heat made me tired before the MS! Thankfully there is AC to escape! I agree my hands are perpetually a little numb, though when I get hot they tend to tingle a little bit. Take care!

  5. I’m with you Erik. It’s been 100+ for a week straight and it really does seem to make things worse. Like Mdm I get really dizzy too. Who was it that recommended a cold pack that fits around your neck? That sounds like it might help a bit. Then there are those cooler shirts but they scare me. Just remember summer nearly over!

  6. I don’t see how you guys make it in AZ and TX!!! I thought the heat was bad here in the Midwest!

    I have a cooling vest and a cooling hat. They work well but the vest makes me look suspect; kinda Terry Nichols, suicide bomberlike, LOL.

    I second that almodiva! Sorta of a place of release ya know.

    AC is one of thee best inventions, a definite godsend!!!!!!!!

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