Aug 292005

Came across this study a while back. I have heard things over the years that possibly suggest there might be a positive effect with fish oil and depression. Apparently that is what they are testing. Unfortunately, it will be many years before anything is seen; at least with this study. I am hopeful that it does work, and when I heard this I resumed my fish oil to hopefully prevent going back on a prescription anti-depressant. In the very least I am optimistic enough that in the least the placebo effect should help carry me! 😉 Details on the trial are here.

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  7 Responses to “Fish Oil for Multiple Sclerosis Depression?”

  1. I take fish oil every day, not only for depression but for the omega 3 fats… good for the myelin sheath, good for the optic nerve… and for us women, good for PMS (evening primrose oil is actually best for that). Fish oil is great in general!

  2. All that I can think of is that damn song now … Fish heads, Fish heads … Damn that song!

  3. I love that song 🙂 and sing it to my cats often! Eat em up yum! I take Fish Oil and I am a fish eater (although I personally don’t eat their heads, yuck!)

  4. Well now I got that song stuck in my head. 🙁

  5. Um, yea me too. Thanks A LOT.

  6. Bwa-ha-haaa … now I have the proper ammunition, I can take over the world by getting the entire population distracted with a mind-meme!

  7. have you tried st. Johns wart? Okay I am sure you have but it works for me…haven’t heard of fish oil. Know you have to be careful of the source because of mecury could you point me in the direction any research I would be interested considering I fight depression—e-mail

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