Aug 072005

Came across another article about finding a new source of stem cells: US scientists find flexible stem cells in placenta. I am sure remylination treatment will probably focus on stem cells – though most likely my own. I find it difficult to get too excited about this because pluripotent cells are found in other areas, I believe cord blood for one. Besides how much help is someone else’s cells that are almost guaranteed not to be a match for me. At least I still have my stem cell 6-pack to fall back on! 😉

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  1. Placenta … yeah. In any event, I remember seeing a story on television about this group who would prepare said material much like you would with liver and then EAT IT. Apparently it was ‘full of wholesome nutrients. So is cat food. I’ve never been so horrified in my life.

  2. Oh, btw, how is Nate doing?

  3. A bill in the Wisconsin legislature would require doctors to inform a pregnant woman about options for donating umbilical cord blood. I’m not sure if it also requires recipe suggestions.

  4. mdmhvonpa,
    You’ve given me a whole new option for the placenta. Now when the doctor chuncks the placenta into the bucket post-delivery I’m going to get bizarre hunger pains! 🙁 The real question is “does it come with hot sauce!”

  5. ACK! ACK-Ack-Ack, indeed!

  6. I’d agree that eating the placenta is kinda nasty – but it is far from the the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. Sorry, I can’t stay away from a placenta discussion. I think the people who eat their placentas do it because it is common for animals to eat their placentas (so therefore it must be “natural” or “wholesome”). I’ve watched ewes do this, and I think it is just because they have the instinct to lick anything that tastes like their baby and the placenta tastes like their baby and they end up “licking” the placenta too much and eat it. In reality the placenta does not have much nutrient value- mainly fluid and connective tissue.

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