Jul 142005

As a bit of background my feet remain numb and my legs a little weak. Well in a telephone conversation tonight if my neuro knew about my continued problems. After making some joke about barring him being psychic then no. I said there is no point calling him because I’m not going to take anything (read Solu-Medrol) for this. I emphasized that the side effects are way too bad (and my thinking is that exacerbations are part of MS – save the Solu-Medrol for when you really need it!) I explained my horrific attitude that there is no making me happy and I treat everyone badly. The point of all of this was the next comment which was something to the effect of “doesn’t knowing that it is the Solu-Medrol help you to get over the feeling.” Truly a statement made by someone who has absolutely no clue, and that is good because I wish I didn’t know. I tried to explain it in terms of waking up in the worst possible mood x1000, but alas that doesn’t cover it. The things that MS opens your eyes about.

  2 Responses to “Why Not Solu-Medrol?”

  1. Erik, I know that there are a lot of MSer’s out there who have done, or are doing Solumedrol, but I find the bad mood times 1000 thing very scary! I hope that I can steer clear of that one too. Thanks,

  2. Do whatever YOU are comfortable with and don’t let anyone, including a doctor, force you into anything you don’t want.

    You know your body better than anyone else!

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