Jul 102005

I’ve long known that Best Buy is neurotoxic and frankly I’m surprised that so few of their customers go postal. But now I must add another chain to the list. Today, shortly after arriving at Walmart, I got very dizzy, leg weakness, and had trouble walking. After I got home (and cooled off 😉 I got back to normal. Some people may blame me getting hot on the problems, but I think we all now know that Walmart is neurotoxic!!! 😉

  4 Responses to “Walmart in Neurotoxic!”

  1. I agree 100%! We made a trip there ourselves yesterday and it’s always a horrendous experience. Upon entry I felt dizzy, light-headed, and nauseous, which are still lingering at the thought of our trip there. Ugh.

  2. Yes, I try to avoid the place and send my husband whenever possible. There’s just too much plastic crammed into the place. Not to mention nylon, polyester and rayon too. It’s a toxic wasteland.

  3. I get nausious just driving past Wallmart … it Huuurttts us, my precious.

  4. That’s so funny…now that I think of it…I always feel lousy when I go there… actually the last time I was there I got completely disoriented had to stand and think for a few seconds on which store I was even in…Since then I’ve been going to Kmart- more venitalation/space or something…I don’t know, but it doesn’t make me physically sick like Walmart

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