Jul 182005

Came across this article by a fellow MS’er and it was certainly better put then I could manage. I certainly agree that with a very unpredictable disease it tends to put the more significant things at the forefront.

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  1. On an unrelated note the reason for the lack of posts is that apparently I have a very finite amount of drivel (who would have guessed!) It is now being spent on many other projects not the least of which is school – ugh!

  2. Really interesting article … Sometimes I wonder what mountains we would need to move in order for IT digit-heads like us to be able to write like that. It would probably help if we had attention spans longer than … oooh, look! A new database install. Hmm, pretty schema. What was I saying?

  3. I couldn’t read it. The site was too upsetting.

  4. Nice to see you are finding stories like this…It works for you and thats why I happy for you! Dont have kids and judging by my medication(and the single dom) I wont have any! I wish also I had more kids…1 would do! Best wishes to you Erik!

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