Jun 172005

Per the comment asking the question: I would like to put it feels like nothing but alas I can’t be that lucky. Overall it is probably more dysthesia than actual numbness. Very hard to explain but the bottom of my feet feel stiff – like the skin turned into thick leather. Even when not moving anything I can feel the stiffness. Walking on carpet is an extremely unpleasant sensation, even just having my feet on the floor can be quite unpleasant. All of this can be mitigated by wearing shoes. Normally it is not this bad, but I guess the joys of this being the worst episode of foot numbness so far.

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  1. Thats a goood description Erik that I can certainly relate to although mine is on my shin. I would add from my perspective that although the “sensation” can’t be accurately described, my attention to something happening there is always drawn to it. Irritating when thats not what you want to be focusing on.

  2. Erik,
    I have a problem with my feet in the morning. I am very stiff at the ankle area when I try and walk. After a while it goes away. I was diagnosed in April 2004 and I am taking Copaxone.

  3. I am currently experiencing a very similar feeling, plus it feels like the backs of my legs have been badly burned.

    Here is an interesting article, which talks about these type of sensations.


  4. Mine started by feeling like I was walking on a pebble between my large toe and the second toe. At first I wondered if I had a lump there, but when I felt of that area of my foot, there was nothing actually there, it just felt that way when I stood on my foot. Then within a few days the same sensation occurred in the other foot. I have had this numb/stepping on pebbles-like sensation ever since (two months now). I am assuming it is the numbness experienced with MS, since I was recently diagnosed with it, but I have never had this problem before. I am basically having it on a daily basis, sometimes worse than others, including various numbness from my knees down to my toes. It is worse at times, and sometimes almost not there, but it is there every day.

  5. I am having the same sensations, although my numbness has progressed to my stomach. I had a EMG test. Doctor said that he sees something there, but is not sure if it is something that has been there or something new. So today I go for a MRI. Then Monday the test that they stick a needle into your muscles,I`m not sure what they call it. But it hurts. Not looking forward to it but, I do want to get to the bottom of it. Everything feels swollen , but it`s not. Has anyone else had these tests and received answers. There is no pain.

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