Jun 302005

Yeah right! I think after the nurse says this she walks out of the room and laughs. On the other hand it is a possibility that the nurse is just completely delusional. I personally think a better answer would be “The Dr. will be with you in 30-60 minutes if you’re lucky.” I wish I could run late like that all the time and have no real consequences. Of course when they book every patient, or multiple patients, into a 15min slot there is no way that they can run on time. Personally I suspect that it is a personal stress test to see how long I can go before I stroke out from anger from waiting that long. Of course I try to cut down the time by bringing my kids. When their screaming starts permeating all of the rooms I think it cuts down on my wait time. That’s exactly why I take my kids to almost all of my neuro appointments. 😉

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  1. Great strategy! Do you make them eat candy bars on the way to the docs, too? Maximum effect!

  2. LOL … the ‘child flanking maneuver’ works every time! When we launch our twin tactical nukes in the waiting room, the most important thing for the staff is to get us the heck outta there ASAP!

  3. Erik, I have read on your blog that you are seen at UT Southwestern. I have an appointment there the second week of July. Any ‘heads-up’ info you would care to pass on? I am looking forward to the visit. I have started a blog just today named: MS & Otherwise…

  4. mdmhvonpa,
    It really is a delicate balance with the kids and not overdoing it to the point of having to get another dr. But if it is going to go down like that then the kids are getting Jolt, Pixie Sticks, and some No Doze! Destruction like that hasn’t been seen since Hiroshima/Nagasaki! Weapons of mass destruction indeed!!! 😉

  5. Dallis,
    It should go great. They tend to run on time, well at least with my 2 kids in tow! Plus the office staff is really nice. I highly recommend asking about the Internet MS survey so you can get an easy $75!

  6. Three people tell you it will “be only a few minutes”: doctors, the DMV and bad dates.


  7. It could be tough with kids, but I always bring an “emergency book” and never mind waiting. I can read guilt-free in the middle of the day! In New England there is a growing propensity for installing TVs in every public venue (banks, grocery stores, auto mechanic’s shop…grrrr!) That can make reading challenging, but I refuse to be cowed by TV and am trying to learn to completely tune it out and keep reading. [BTW, got to your blog page from my daughter’s. She has no diagnosis yet, but similar symptoms, so it is encouraging to read what may be ahead.]

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