Jun 102005

Colds = Not quite the chills with shivering but still being quite cold.

This is what I got to enjoy last night after my Rebif injection. Apparently caused by my gluttony at CiCi’s for dinner. I had forgotten that large amounts of cheese (or any milk product) will results in the chills/colds otherwise I might have toned it down a little. Ah who am I kidding I was gonna get my money’s worth, and that meant a lot of cheese and pepperoni!!! 😉 I still have no clue why I can’t just sleep through being cold/having this chills. Especially this episode where I just woke-up so I could lay there cold for 30 minutes. In my dazed state in the middle of the night I think it took me almost 15 minutes (literally) to figure out why I was cold.

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