Jun 262005

For the past few months I have begun to be hyper-sensitive to unpleasant odors. If I don’t get fresh air immediately I am going to clean out my stomach pretty quick the hard way. Not to say I have a stomach of steel when it comes to rancid odors but something has changed in the last couple of months. There has not been any mention of smell sensitivity, at least that I have seen, in regards to Multiple Sclerosis but I have nothing else to blame. Of course I haven’t done any extensive searching, but at the same time cognitive dysfunction wasn’t always a symptom of MS! 😉 At least this gets me out of diaper and cat litter duty so it isn’t all bad!!! 😉

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  2 Responses to “Smell Sensitivity”

  1. Cheater. 😉

  2. mdmhjvonpa… I think he might be cheating too! 😉

    It is really a pain as far as symptoms go. Even the trash outdoors gets to him when walking to the car. Some things that you just can’t do anything about.

    I will be glad when this symptom is over, I need a diaper break, right honey??? 😉

    Love you always,

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