Jun 212005

Since I had a couple of lesions on my last MRI my neuro wanted to check for neutralizing antibodies. The concern was that I may no longer be responding to the Rebif anymore. I definitely was not interested in switching medications, especially to Copaxone, but I also didn’t want to be injecting myself for no reason. Today I got the results and they were good at less than or equal to 20. There was discussion today about combining the Rebif with Methotrexate. We concurred that it was not time for this with my minor exacerbations, and instead save this for later if/when I need frequent doses of solu-medrol. Of course at this point I am leery of something that results in a systemic reduction in the immune system. Maybe Methotrexate is the carpet bombing solution to MS. 😉

Bottom line is to keep doing what I have been doing. Status quo works for me!!!

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  1. Erik did not mean anything bad for those of you on Copaxone… he just does not want a daily shot.

    Just wanted to make that clear.


  2. Hmmm, high dose or low dose Methotrexate?

  3. Status quo is almost always good. Change is over-rated.

  4. Eric – I am looking for participiants for a paid telephone survey for persons with Alzheimers’s, MS, traumatic brain injury, stroke, or another form of dimentia. Do you have an area on you site that will allow us to post it? Do you have additional recommendations on where I could find participants. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. If the person qualifies and completes the survey it will pay a $50.00 Am EX gift cert for an approx 20 min interview.

    Ronnie Cole
    Athena Research Group

  5. In regards to Ronnie I got the details/brochure from him. I can’t confirm his claim until the 27th. If it is valid I will post the details on the site.

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